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10 tips to Increase Your Happiness

10 tips to Increase Your Happiness Everybody wants to be happy so discovering 10 tips to increase your happiness is quite a nice place to start. In fact for years, scholars and psychologists alike have searched for the things that make us happy and what triggers these feeling in our body.

I could fill you with complex chemical data and technical theories about happiness, but that’s probably not going to be useful to you. But happiness seems to be our soul’s way of expressing fulfillment and appreciation for joy and good things that come into our lives. Of course that may seem obvious, but as human beings the key to happiness is that the more we give to others that which we desire the more we receive. And for many that seems counter intuitive.

Gail Brenner shares 10 tips that will help you “skyrocket your happiness.” Incorporating these concepts to your daily life you might be surprise at just how quickly things will change for you and how easy it is to be a happy, joyful person! So without further ado, here are some of Gail’s tips:

  1. Take responsibility. Don’t blame others, turn yourself into a victim, or wait for someone to come and save you. If you want to be happy, take the bull by the horns. Be willing to figure out how you stand in the way of your happiness.

  2. Embody enthusiasm. Be willing, open, courageous, and humble. Admit what isn’t working and be available to the possibility of real inner change. Keep your quest alive.

  3. Drop your old baggage. Nothing kills happiness more quickly than old hurts, resentments, and grudges. If you are spending your precious time stuck in a sad story from the past, realize that you are being affected way more than anyone else. Wrap all of that pain in a vast cocoon of love, then move on with clarity and grace.

  4. Become intensely interested in your inner life. The cause of unhappiness is the playing out of conditioned habits that don’t serve you. Find out what they are and use a laser focus to see how they work. With your new-found awareness, make healthy, life-affirming choices.

  5. Question your beliefs. We unknowingly build our lives around distorted beliefs and expectations. Put every thought under the microscope for examination to see if it is actually true. You will undoubtedly find that you are living through a veil of confusion and limitation. Be willing to step away from these familiar and cherished beliefs and see everything with fresh eyes. Continue reading here…

There you go, with Gail’s help you’re on the path to becoming a happier person.

These tips have a common lesson, which is, to be happy you must love yourself first and do what makes you happy. True happiness comes from within so it is important that you seek it for yourself first. To be clear I’m not talking about the ego driven happiness that arises momentarily from things and conditions outside of ourselves. When you have found your happiness, it will be so much easier for you to spread and share the joy that you are feeling.

With practice these 10 tips to increase your happiness will allow you to appreciate the little things in life allowing you to find share it with others.

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