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A Fivefold Path to Gratitude and Happiness

A Fivefold Path to Gratitude and Happiness Is there a fivefold path to gratitude and happiness and if so what are these five aspects? And how would practicing them increase your happiness?

As you have move along on the journey life, I’m sure more than once or twice, you’ve heard how important it is to be appreciative and grateful for all that you have – no matter how much or how little you believe you actually have.

As children, we’re all taught to say thank you and show the proper appreciation for everything done for us and for everything given to us. As adults we’ve come to understand that these acts have a greater purpose beyond mere politeness, that feeling gratitude and appreciation is a golden road to a happy life.

Anything we can do to boost our gratitude will have like effect on our happiness; and so enters Shanie Matthews from the “My Happy Path” blog to share some tips on how to expand your attitude of gratitude…

Commit random acts of kindness. We all see people who look like they need a little help… So many people pass by, thinking that they don’t want to interfere. One way to increase gratitude is by helping those that need a little help.

Accentuate the positive. So many of us wake up and begrudgingly go to work, get annoyed at the copier jamming, and the drive home through traffic. The best thing you can do in these not so perky times is to reframe how you see it. You are in control of how this scene plays out. Turn it into waking up in a home that your job affords you, enjoying the break from your desk by having to fiddle with the copier, and having extra time to drive home and clear your mind or listen to your favorite radio show. There is always a silver lining. Focus on it, magnify it, and embrace it as your reality.

Create a reminder of gratitude. …Being fully aware of the most positive things can bring absolute joy to ones life. It is easy to forget to be gracious through the hustle and bustle of life. Let a little symbol of gratitude keep you on track.

Put it in black and white. Get a shoebox, jar, vase, or any container suitable for holding paper. Each day write an affirmation, goal, strength, or gratitude on the paper. Fold it up, and put it in the container. If at any time during the week you need a pick-me-up, distraction, or something to be thankful for, take one out and read it. Read it two or three times if needed and decide what you will do with it. If it is a goal, work on it. If it is a strength, try to accentuate it for a whole 24 hours.

Volunteer. Even if it is once a month…Never underestimate your power to create happiness and gratitude in others. You will see quickly how you can make a big difference and you will notice the gratitude growing in others. Continue reading here…

Being grateful gives us feeling of happiness that are genuine and long lasting.

When you are thankful for the things around you, you begin to awaken to how blessed you really are, because appreciation and gratitude allow you to view your life from a larger perspective.

When you begin seeing the big picture you realize that some of the things which seemed to be negative turn out to be the best thing that could have happened or not nearly as terrible as we had imagined.

A thankful attitude will open your heart to the beauty in life, and engender a desire to help others find their way to what you have, greater feelings of peace, love and joy.

The fivefold path to gratitude and happiness is a simple path to follow; a path that will spread happiness and love, naturally, causing them to grow. Make it a habit and see how it can changes your life.

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