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A Sign for the Times Brings Smile to NYC

A Sign for the Times Brings Smile to NYC

Killy Kilford has started a campaign in New York City he’s delightfully calling “Honk Less, Love More.” Like sunflowers in summer his signs are popping up all over NYC.

The idea started out as painting he was doing but his friends wanted to have them made. Killy’s friends got their way and 200 hundred signs began showing up all over the city.

Kilford’s plan is to poll New Yorkers reactions to the signs with the hope of starting a new city agency called “The Department of Well Being” within New York’s government.

According to Kilford, as reported on Time Warner cable’s NY 1:

“We should have a department of well-being. We got a Department of Transportation. And you’ll see that at the bottom of every street sign. It says, “department of well-being.”

The New York’s polled had mixed responses, though almost all enjoyed the signs, some felt that they would simply not be seen because New Yorks tend to ignore signs especially in the winter time.

Killy Kilford is optimistic (not a stretch considering his inspiration) that his project will be adopted and spread to other cities so that they too will create a department of well-being.

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