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Abraham-Be Happy to Get Happy

“Happiness is being in that place where you’re the receiver of the right idea at the right time. Happiness is being in that place where something occurs to you at the most opportune moment.”                                                               ~Abraham- Hicks ~ 

Abraham-Be Happy to Get HappyHappiness is being in alignment, which is to be in control of your own thoughts.

Being in control of your thoughts doesn’t mean actually controlling every thought that arises in your head.

That’s impossible; you have an estimated 70,000 thoughts a day. “Controlling your thought,” is awareness of what thoughts are arising and choosing the ones that serve you best.

Happiness is a choice that you make in each moment and it’s a practice; and if you “haven’t been practicing happy,” then you won’t be happy when you the circumstances arrive that you believe should make you happy.

“You get to happy from happy,” that is the secret, you must choose happiness first. Happiness is never “out there” is always is available to you because it is always within you. Sometimes this is a challenge.

Sometimes you allow your happiness to be covered up by doubt, fear, guilt, illusion of fear, which is not who you are.

How do you get past that?

That’s what Abraham addresses in this remix video by Satori Elohim. Enjoy!

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