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Abraham – Conscious Evolution of Your Consciousness

“Do you like being the leading edge extension of all that is? It’s the evolution of all that is, but it’s the expansion of that which is you.” Abraham

Abraham – Conscious Evolution Of Your ConsciousnessHow many times have you heard the phrase, “You create your own reality?”  Often our materially orientated ego mind conjures up visions of, if not instantaneously very swiftly, our personal heaven on earth. While a life of comfort, good health and love are the manifest expressions of our deepest desires, it’s connection to the core -self, the home of laughter, happiness, bliss and unconditioned love that is the real motivator and driver of our “divine discontent.”

Conscious evolution is personal growth or aligning yourself with the flow of evolution.

Understanding that you are a “leading edge creator” is to understand that the the future of your personal evolution, as well as the evolution of the whole, is a choice. With out evolution there would be no direction. Evolution is a universal force, its is the Source energy; the source of all intelligence and creativity.

Conscious evolution is about awaking directly to Source Energy, the Energy that created, and is creating, the Universe.  Being a Leading Edge Creator, and the “extension of all that is,” you are an extension of a Divine purpose, or primary impulse, which is to unendingly create the future and give rise to all that is new.

And, according to Abraham, “you are so unique if you know that,” and which is a wonderful thing to KNOW… 

When you choose to become a conscious Leading Edge Creator you awaken to the extraordinary Source of  all joy and the energy and intelligence, which initiates the whole of the creative process – a process that is focused through you.

Abraham teaches that the universe or Source supports everyone and evolution, but Abraham at the same time teaches that you are a “leading edge creator,” and as such can guide your own growth.

It’s from this awakened perspective of Source Energy, you see that “all things are possible.” And when what you desire helps you then it is good for your evolution. When it also helps others as well then greater are the chances of  attaining what it is you desire. 

It’s easy to understand from the perspective of conscious evolution that it’s impossible to create a future that is self-centered, selfish, or filled with suffering.

When you choose this perspective your heart can only be open; this is Conscious Evolution.


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