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Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude

Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude“Where you’ve been is irrelevant…the only thing that is relevant is where you are and where you are going…and where you are is only relevant as a starting place to where you are going.” Abraham

One of the worlds most well known writer and researcher about gratitude is Robert Emmons, and he described it this way, “(Gratitude is) a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for life.” A definition that fits Abraham’s “Exuberant Wellbeing” to a tee.

Applying the concept of “Exuberant Wellbeing,” along with a continued practice of gratitude and appreciation, become powerful tools of transformation – tools that you can apply in the “here and now’ so that “where you are going” will be into the Vortex, into the flow.

Energy is the dominate ingredient in wellbeing… and your energy is expanded when you practice “exuberant” gratitude and appreciation.   

And when your energy is expanded…you are in alignment, you are in the Vortex.

This video will help you find that alignment…to connect with the flow.


Here’s the difference between not being in the flow and being in the flow.

For example, say two people are in and accident and are taken to the hospital – all things in this situation are equal; the injury, hospital, doctors, all the pertinent information.

The first woman has lived her life unconsciously, unawakened, outside of the Vortex or flow. Her recovery will be completely dependent on the knowledge and skill of her doctors and care givers.

Another person is self-realized, connected to her true-self, this is someone who’s in the flow. Her recovery is not dependent the competency of her care-givers. “I don’t care what you say, I will recover…I’ll be just fine.” is what she says, it’s her attitude and her actions; she does recover.

She experiences spontaneous remission and a complete recovery… “It’s  an unexplainable miracle,” is the normal  reaction; and yet  this story takes place everyday in the real world.  

Research, done at The University of California, Riverside as shown that people that express gratitude experience benefits that can be causally linked to  mental and physical health benefits.   

In this video, Abraham, used a series of question and answers which explains it this way;

“I have the ability, with the power of my own thoughts, to affect the condition of my body, to bring myself to whatever place I choose to be.”


That how to create exuberant wellbeing and experience the power of  gratitude…


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