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Abraham – Rampage of Appreciation and Gratitude

Rampage Of Appreciation And Gratitude

    The expression of gratitude is one of the most powerful strategy’s for achieving happiness. Gratitude is many things to many people. Its appreciation, it is wonder; it’s finding the silver lining in any set back; it is thanking someone in your life; it’s thanking Source. Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions; it negates worry, hostility, irritation and envy.  

We are going to offer a…Rampage of Appreciation that will as you hear it…will hold you, at least for the time of your focus, in a place of allowing…” Abraham


And the quote, from Abraham, pretty much says it all…that’s what this video is about… A Rampage of Appreciation and Gratitude…

One way to practice appreciation and gratitude is to make them your primary focus of  intention and attention and find things to be grateful for and things you can appreciate.

Practicing appreciation and gratitude will bring you into alignment with Source Energy and ease any resistance that arises as you move throughout your day.

When you regularly practice the rampage of appreciation and gratitude process, and as you notice resistance diminishing, you will become accustomed to higher states of consciousness aand a higher level of vibration. The  more magical your life will be.     

Gratitude is a process of savoring and not taking things for granted and it is present-oriented, it is so much more than simply saying “thank you” for a gift received.

Follow Abraham’s lead and create a Rampage of Appreciation and Gratitude and experience the benefits…


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