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Abraham’s Thoughts on Being Authentic

Abraham – Being Authentic“Be who you are…because your authentic-self is in the Vortex thriving, and if you are experiencing even a small particle of negative emotion, you are less than authentic because you have pinched yourself of from the true authenticity of who you really are.” Abraham


How do we know when we are truly expressing our authentic self?    

Abraham’s answer is when, “you feel fabulous in the moment.”

Most of our time is spent looking out into the world, self-knowledge and awareness are surpassed by our need for social approval and acknowledgment; in other words our need for approval and acceptance tempers our desire for authentic self-expression. 

We will sacrifice self-realization in an attempt to convince the world that we are deserving of happiness.    

To be enlightened is to be fully authentic, which is fully self-realized, and according to the great wisdom teachers the first of the two signs of a self-realized person is that first, they are happy without cause, that their happiness comes from within and second, that miracles, synchronicities or coincidence happen with frequency and speed.

Abraham explains what it means to express the authentic-self  and the process of connecting to happiness in  this video…


“If we were in your physical shoes…we would achieve and maintain…our…authenticity…we would really focus on the “making peace in the moment with what is,” part” Abraham

Being authentic means not hiding from our emotional self; what we say, even believe from a purely intellectual level, that it’s true, one thing, but  deep within we have a different emotional reaction.

Abraham, exaggerating a bit to make a point, shows us the example of someone seeing you when you aren’t feeling well and then saying “don’t worry, it’s going to be OK,” when it’s obvious to you (and everyone else) that’s not the way they feel at all.

Because when someone is “in the moment,”  and they are authentic and truly compassionate, they would simply continue being the joyful Being  they are. They know their energy of happiness and joy will offer a greater benefit than any unauthentic words,  no matter how well-meaning they were.


Be in the moment, be who you are, express your authentic self and you will be in Joy!


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