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Allow more Limit-less Quieting the Mind

Allow more Limit-less Quieting the MindThere’s a saying that my friends use which goes, “allow more limit-less.”

That aphorism pretty much sums up Abraham’s message in this video. 

Law of Attraction is about having your life be bigger, as Abraham  says, “It’s about allowing your life to be as big as you’ve already made it.”

And yes, it’s true that we attract according to the level of our own vibration and that are our thoughts, words and feelings are extremely magnetic. But it goes deeper, our most powerful point of attraction is our belief system. It’s our belief system that allows more or limits-us.

In order to be in a place where you are “allowing your life to be as big as you’ve already made it,” any limiting beliefs must be released.  And the next question is, “How do I do that?”

“…is the best way to allow what’s in my vortex, to flow into my grid, is to just quiet my mind?”

The person in “hot seat”  asking this question of Abraham, wanted to know “how do allow what’s in my vortex” or allow “life to be as big as (I’ve) already made it,” and allow it “to flow into my grid” or “change my belief system?”Abraham’s answer was agreement; just quiet your mind.

But it’s  so much more FUN to hear Abraham answer the question in the video.


Taking time each day to step away from the internal noise that is the mind in motion and slip into the still, quite place of your true nature, is a commitment to joy, clarity and inner peace. It’s important to create space in our lives so that we can remember who we really are; that we are not our belief systems, that we are limitless. This is the place of our personal truth, our vortex.

Quieting the mind is the best way to hear our inner voice and reconnect with our own deeper truth and wisdom or in  the way that only Abraham could say it, “Ready yourself for the readiness that’s already there for you.” 

At first this teaching may seem a bit esoteric, but really it simply means that everything that you have desired is there already in the field of infinite possibilities, in the place where “your life to be as big as you’ve already made it.”

By asking what’s in your vortex (knowing what you do want) the vibrational reality begins to flow into your grid (you release limiting beliefs) and the “details of that, are the specifics that you’ve been looking for,” (manifestation). And it feels like Inspiration.”

“When you quiet your mind you stop the resistance.”

That is the readiness that’s already there for you.The benefit of quieting your mind is that you will naturally, without effort allow more and be limitless.



The Meditation CD and user guide that Abraham was referring to in the video was “Getting Into the Vortex.” I love this CD for its inspirational meditations and it soothing, allow more limit-less affects.

“This is a User-Guide that contains inspirational meditations. There are a variety of sections in the books that address inspirational messages from all areas of your life including general-well being, physical well-being, financial well-being, and relationships.

I would highly suggest this book. It’s such a wonderful handbook for getting into the vortex, and a meditation handbook that will give words of high-vibration and words from Abraham that provides inspiring guidance.”


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