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Be the Change from the Power of Inspiration.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                                        ~Margaret mead~ 

Be the Change from the Power of Inspiration. I wanted to highlight an article by one of my favorite bloggers, Ken Wert the publisher of “Meant to be Happy.” His most recent post “Can just One Person Change the World,” reminded me of Gandhi’s admonition “Be the Change,” because it all starts with us.

In the Vedic Tradition there’s a similar saying which goes something like, “the largest forest fire begins from the tiniest spark.” I do not claim this to be an exact quote, but you get the idea. Both quotes are rooted in the idea that you can make a difference; in truth, I believe, it’s the only way to make a real difference. This is the essence of Ken’s post.

Making a Difference

In our hearts, I believe that most of us know, understand and have the desire to do something anything that will make a difference, but we have a tendency to think that anything we could do wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Sure, we feel good when we “commit those little acts of kindness,” but we tell ourselves these are not earth shattering acts of change.

Ken address the emotional issues that surround our desire to “make a difference.” For example after posting a moving and emotionally powerfully video, about a young girl battling a brain tumor, who instead of focusing on herself, wanted to make other children that were suffering  “happier, because {she} knew that they were going through a lot too.”

 To demonstrate that this is not a “special case,” Ken as added additional “CNN Heroes” videos.

These videos, as Ken points out, are compelling and inspirational but they can cause difficult feeling to arise, such as guilt or anxiety.

These types of feeling inevitably come from comparing ourselves to others. As Ken explains, “you may feel that you can’t measure up…{or} you’re comparing your trifling service to the grand scope of CNN Heroes and don’t see how you can come close to what they do.”

This “conditioned response” in not who you really are. “Not everybody was made to be a bodybuilder,” Ken continues, “So please don’t misinterpret this post as a call to repentance or a public shaming for all you haven’t done. I haven’t done those things either.”

His solution, do something.

It doesn’t need to be a “big thing” or as ken puts it, “Remember, action is what matters, not the scope of that action.”

Ken concludes his post with a bunch of “CNN Heroes bonus clips” that illustrate how one ordinary person can make an extraordinary difference.

Give yourself a treat and read Ken’s article and watch the videos he has selected for you. You will be motivated, inspired and feel happier because you did.

Note: In the future I will begin to add the CNN Heroes Videos to LH&B’s “Inspirational Videos” categories.

So go ahead and please share your thoughts.


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