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Believe in Abundance

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” John Petit-Senn

Believe in AbundanceWanting More vs. Creating Abundance

There is a difference in “I want it now” and “experiencing it now.” We want happiness now, but we’ve lost the ability to actually experience it in the now.

“Wanting” is like “trying,” neither one will actually do anything for you or get you what you desire. You must do something to activate the Law of Attraction. However, for action to be effective you must always be moving in the direction of happiness, in the direction of better feeling thoughts.

Real abundance is the experience in which you are able to easily meet your needs and when your desires are spontaneously fulfilled (synchronicity).

The  highest form of abundance is happiness.

In order to experience real abundance you must believe in abundance. We live in such an abundant universe its believed to infinite, which is, as far as I can tell, about as abundant as it can be. There is no lack or scarcity. Yet, our ego-self resists, convincing “us” that “there’s not enough to go around,’ or we’re “not good enough or worthy enough” or we will “fall behind.”

When we believe in abundance we believe in ourselves and we are accepting our selves.

When we are able to accept ourselves then, and only then, will we be able to experience peace, happiness and love. Self-acceptance is the natural path to self-realization of wholeness, as opposed to self-judgement which is the path of the ego-self, the path of “wanting more.”

Abraham explains the difference in this video between “wanting” and having a real belief in your ability to create abundance.


There is a process or practice for moving into better feeling thought, or self-acceptance and Abraham explains it this way, “Just as hoping is more productive than doubting, so expecting is more productive than hoping.”

Abundance is your natural state of being and when you believe in abundance and you “see” that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world (the  mirror of relationship) the practice of “better feeling thoughts” becomes very practical advice. In the simplest of terms, the happier you are the more true abundance you will experience.

In practical terms, then, no amount of “wanting” abundance will create it; you do not have to “have” abundance in order to attract abundance, but you cannot feel poor and attract more money.

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