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Can You Boost Your Happiness?

Can You Boost Your Happiness?The question is can you boost your happiness? Tal Ben-Shahar is his ground breaking PBS video “Happiness 101” out-lined some of positive psychology’s “greatest hits” and claimed that, yes; “absolutely” you can boost your happiness.

Experiencing happiness is a wonderful thing, yet it is also ephemeral and fleeting. Happiness can not only be hard to hang on to but even more difficult to find if you are starting from a place of fear, anger, loneliness, or depression.

During challenging times, we lack the desire to even begin finding ways to be happy and feel that we are somehow lacking because we can’t. We haven’t given ourselves permission to be human.

For all of us it’s ok to feel fear, anger, loneliness, or depression from time to time when the circumstances are appropriate. In fact if you don’t then there is something wrong.

Some situations require serious professional help, other times a good friend or family member who is caring present will be exactly what you need.

For the majority of us, we just need a little help, a bit of motivation, a little boost to our happiness. One of the amazing things is that over time as we practice boosting our positive feelings, that when face especially difficult challenges, we discover that we have trained our mind to seek out happiness and it flows more easily to us.

Here are some ways shared by the folks at “My Happy Path.” Tools to use…

Walk – A simple form of exercise can serve as a great deal of help. Just a simple walk around your neighborhood or at a park can elevate your mood instantly. Exercise helps reduce stress and helps an individual concentrate better. Walking can reduce your upset thoughts and let you focus on happy, positive ideas. The tranquility of birds singing or the warm sun beating down on your skin can boost your energy and help kick start your happy vibes.
When out for a walk, avoid concentrating on the ideas that are causing your sadness. Instead, focus on the outdoor environment or bring a friend to help distract your mind from the negative thoughts. Just a simple escape from work, a spouse or from stress can help you reorganize your thoughts and get you on track to feeling happier.

Write –Writing serves as one of the best physiological tricks to helping jumpstart a healthy, positive lifestyle. Start by writing down all the positive attributes you possess. Make a small list of just simple, one-worded answers. After your list is complete, expand the list and explain each answer.
Now repeat your answers aloud. These small steps will train your mind to helping you think positive and reinforce the idea that you are a wonderful person. Sometimes, these small words can remind you of why you love yourself and why it’s great to be you.

Think Positive – Mental counseling is often the first step in feeling better about oneself. Stop the negative thinking and focus on the positive aspects about your life. Catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts and fortify your mind with positive ideas. Repeat these positive ideas in your mind. The more you continue to repeat them, the more you’ll start to buy into the positive ideas.
Often, people start to feel sad because of thoughts that fill our minds with anger, stress or heartache. Instead, train your mind to release those feelings and focus on positive images and words to elevate your spirits.

Watch a Funny Video – Perhaps the most entertaining way to boost your happiness is through the help of laughter. Laughing releases dopamine and helps increase your happiness level. Even the silliest video can send you into a euphoric state and allow you forget about the sad feelings you were having. Continue reading here…

As you can see most of these activities are not hard to do and require very little from you and yet, the can have a dramatic and positive effect on your life.

What’s even nicer is that they increase in potency if you share them.

You can walk with your partner, watch funny videos with your children or write to your parents about your life and how you are feeling.

Can you boost your happiness? Science tells us we can and our intuitive sense knows we can. With the help of these tips and the other tools for finding happiness, you can train your mind to keep your happy and find happiness in everything that surrounds you.


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