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The Science of Happiness category examines happiness from both the traditional scientific approach and in the less inhibiting and more creative, imaginative perspective of the new science.

Happiness is Changing Your Mind

Happiness is Changing Your Mind - Wikimedia-Flicker

Mindfulness, presence, or as Ram Dass expressed this experience of a certain state of conscious awareness as “being here now;” is this a meditative practice that could change the world? Could it be that easy, that true happiness, experienced through meditation, is changing your mind and in so doing changing the world? This was the discussion, to make the world a happier and healthier place, at the 2013 “Change Your Mind, Change the World” conference held in Madison, Wisconsin.It was there in Madison that His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and a panel of experts, came together to discuss how ... Read More »

Happiness Rises with Age

Happiness Rises with Age

On one of my recent posts I discussed happiness and aging and how happiness rises with age. There is a persistent myth that life gets more difficult with age and I touched upon new studies that indicated that our live actually grow happier after we pass the mid-forties. My own experience backs up the theory that grumpiness and old age is a myth because when I think of my own grandparents, they always seemed content with life, and made me feel loved and happy whenever we were together. As I wrote about Morgan Freeman’s approach to life that, “You have ... Read More »

Morgan Freeman Happiness and Birthdays

Morgan Freeman Happiness and Birthdays

Riding the Happiness Curve Morgan Freeman just turned a spry 76. Happy Birthday! You have to believe that someone as successful and talented as Mr. Freeman has a lot of wisdom to share about life, happiness, and birthdays. There has long been a belief that as we age life gets harder, if not financially, at least physically.  As we approach the mid-point of our lives we face a growing pessimism about what aging inevitably brings. The studies bear this out; up to a point, that is. Recent studies done in England, using data collected in 80 different countries measuring levels ... Read More »

Happiness is measured in GNH

Can Happiness be Measured in GNH?

First of all, what is GNH and just how can happiness be measured in GNH? GNH means “Gross National Happiness,” the concept was originated by the leader of Bhutan, the fourth Dragon King. In a “nut shell” the idea was to measure the level of happiness of the people of Bhutan. Bhutan’s government seeks to balance and connect the happiness and personal well-being of its entire people with the economic growth of the country. How to you measure that? Bhutan’s “A Short Guide to Gross National Happiness Index,” offers number of measurable indicators, for example; Psychological Wellbeing which includes factors such ... Read More »

Discovering the Truth about Happiness

Discovering the Truth about Happiness

Happiness is fundamental to our existence as human beings. During the last few decades discovering the truth about happiness, under the guise of “positive psychology,” has become a growing field of study. Prior to the emergence of the science of happiness, psychology’s focus had been on what’s wrong; what made us all unhappy.  This may have been because studying happiness was akin to trying to reduce love its component parts, unfamiliar territory those following the rigors of research and science. There was no formal formula for happiness until leading researchers in the field of positive psychology, especially professors Sonja Lyubomirsky, Martin ... Read More »

Can Seeking Happiness Create Unhappiness?

Can Seeking Happiness Create Unhappiness

This question would seem somewhat ironic and counter-intuitive you first hear it, but can seeking happiness create unhappiness? This question is the subject of recent research led by the psychologist Iris Mauss, which suggest that the pursuit of happiness could have some unintended negative consequences. Most of us on this planet are searching for happiness—whatever our definition of happiness happens to be—so introducing the idea that the act of pursuing happiness could actually lead us in the opposite direction, must surely give pause. The problem with pursuing happiness is that you are in pursuit, meaning that you haven’t achieved what ... Read More »