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From Inspiration to Happiness – Life is About Possibilities

From Inspiration to Happiness – Life is About Possibilities

I’ve said it many time here at HL&B, I love being inspired. I feel that, like gratitude, inspiration can be used as a strategy for achieving happiness. Inspiration is the place where we connect to the invisible reality where our happiness is always present. Inspired means to be In-Spirit and to be In-Spirit means to be connect to our authentic-self which is the where true happiness is found and where all physical life originates. Kindness, appreciation, gratitude and  inspiration all create positive physiological benefits and have an accumulative effect not just on your attitudes and emotions, but on your health, your ... Read More »

Inspiration and Appreciation of Your True Self

Inspiration And Appreciation Of Your True Self

Discovering the real you is partly the process of allowing yourself to savor the positive experiences in your life, finding real appreciation and inspiration for who you are.  You awaken to an experience that’s transpersonal, that is, beyond the limited boundaries of the personal or ego-self. As you discover the authentic-self, you begin to awaken your connection to the whole of life. It seems that even when the present moment is wonderful we can’t (and this happens to me all the time) enjoy the full pleasure in it because we are already imagining the what the memory of it will ... Read More »

Inspiration and Kindness creates Happiness

Inspiration And Kindness Creates HappinessForgotten

  Companion to the Forgotten Inspiration an kindness can arise from the darkest corners, lighting a path, spreading hope, joy, happiness  before it. Philosophers and spiritual thinkers have understood this truth since before written history. A Hindu  proverb explains, “true happiness consists in making others happy.” Now research has proven that there is not only a correlation, but causation between happiness and kindness. For example, those that describe themselves as  having spent more time helping others (acts of altruism) are shown to be happier people. Kindness and inspiration blooms from a single small seed, a germ of a  thought or ... Read More »

Living in the Dream State

Living In The Dream State

The Vedic sages understood dreaming, appropriately known as the “dream state,” to be the second level of consciousness.  They also believed, that what we think of as the waking state, to be a dream state as well, considering it to be the third level of consciousness. According to these wisdom teachers, until we wake up form this third level of consciousness  (the “waking state”) what we’re experiencing we believe to be reality. In the same way we consider our dream state to be completely real, that is, until we awake up, and then we think to ourselves, “oh, that was just a dream.” The ... Read More »

Imaginal Cells are Real

Imaginal Cells Are Real

“When I die I will soar with Angels and when I die to the Angels what I shall become you cannot imagine.” Rumi They my sound as if they are a creation straight out of the mind of a of a fantasy writer, but imaginal cells are real, they exist in the caterpillar and hold the key to it’s transformation into a butterfly. Just as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis as a wholly different creature, we can as authentic humans, transform our role in an the emerging world with a new understanding of how the care and maintenance of  the world is ... Read More »

Finding the Flow is the Happiness Experience

Finding The Flow Is The Happiness Experience

“Once you start tending to your vibration you are going to discover a leverage (the flow)…that what you want is in the process of becoming.” Abraham For most of us living in the future or thinking about something that happened to us awhile ago, are the two most occupied places in our minds. While we are doing our jobs, we think about vacation or playing at the beach, then when we get to the beach, we fantasize about a nice dinner out (or sex, depending on your gender) and then sitting down to dinner our minds wonder off and back ... Read More »

Believe in Abundance

Believe in Abundance

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.” John Petit-Senn Wanting More vs. Creating Abundance There is a difference in “I want it now” and “experiencing it now.” We want happiness now, but we’ve lost the ability to actually experience it in the now. “Wanting” is like “trying,” neither one will actually do anything for you or get you what you desire. You must do something to activate the Law of Attraction. However, for action to be effective you must always be moving in the direction of happiness, in the direction of better feeling thoughts. Real abundance is ... Read More »

The Real Power Of Gratitude

The Real Power Of Gratitude

I believe the real power of gratitude is  not because it’s reactive, that is, in response to something that you receive or something someone done for you, but when it is embodied as an attitude, a way of being, and a way of living. Gratitude it turns out is a powerful strategy for achieving real happiness. People that express gratitude and appreciation experience more positive emotions, feel a greater connection to others and themselves and experience expanded levels of consciousness or awareness. Research shows that expressions of  gratitude and appreciation are causally linked to physical and mental health rewards. How you ... Read More »

Communicating with Your Inner Being Naturally

Communicating With Your Inner Being Naturally

“When you meditate you quite thought, and when you quiet thought or stop thought you release resistance… Once you quite your mind you stop resistance and once you stop resistance you come into alignment with who you really are.”  Abraham Self-realization is being connected to the universal-self, it is the unconditioned-self, “who you really are.” The universal-self in found in the words of the “Heart Sutra”,  Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love or are described as Love, Joy and Wholeness (the root for the word holiness). Self-realization has been described through history variously as enlightenment, the “original face” in Zen, the “uncarved block” ... Read More »

Give Yourself Permission to Feel Good

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good

“Think of someone that is easy for you to love…Just choose someone who it is easy for you to love and just sit softly and say to yourself, I really do love you…and if you’ll just sit and focus on someone that is easy for you to love, it will just soften your vibration, moving you in the vicinity of wellbeing.” Abraham Happiness always brings out the best in you and happiness is infectious. Happiness is natural. When you are happy you feel good and you look good; it may be intangible but it is real. You feel free and light, the ... Read More »