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The Source of all Happiness is to be Self-Realized

The Source Of All Happiness Is To Be Self-Realized

“Self-Realization is vibrational awareness of Source energy, and the conscious ability to attune to it.” Abraham Self-Realization is to become the witness no longer identifying with your ego-self, the conditioned self made up of your desires, your mind and body. From this state of witnessing awareness you can transcend your karma (karma being the total accumulation of all the choices you’ve made to this point).  Self-Realization is the source of all happiness because the “self” you “realize” is Source. Being Self-Realized is to know that you are connected to all that is. Your true-being has no limitations and is infinitely creativity. The ... Read More »

Is Happiness Supernatural – Deepak Chopra

Is Happiness Supernatural - Deepak Chopra

If you are a “skeptic” or think of yourself as having a strictly “scientific approach” questions like, “What does the supernatural have to do with the happiness?” or ” Is the Law of Attraction a real force in nature?” are probably going to leave you pretty cold. In fact if you’re a skeptic, you would most likely, answer “everything and nothing.”   First, skeptics will tell you that they don’t believe in the supernatural or paranormal. If it isn’t measurable then it isn’t real. Of course that’s denying all of the human emotions like love, compassion or happiness. Of course, ... Read More »

A Change in Perspective – Get Happy

Abraham – The Answer – Get Happy

“Your quest must be for Joy! That’s the answer to every question that you ask.” Abraham Deepak Chopra said, “The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness is the goal of every other goal.”   Once a great teacher and spiritual leader was asked about all the suffering in the world, surprising the listeners, replied, “In my world everything is perfect.” Of course, the answer from this spiritual leader did not mean that the teacher had no compassion for the suffering of others. On the contrary, there was only deep compassion and love expressed for all. Being enlightened the ... Read More »

Abraham – Conscious Evolution of Your Consciousness

Abraham – Conscious Evolution Of Your Consciousness

“Do you like being the leading edge extension of all that is? It’s the evolution of all that is, but it’s the expansion of that which is you.” Abraham How many times have you heard the phrase, “You create your own reality?”  Often our materially orientated ego mind conjures up visions of, if not instantaneously very swiftly, our personal heaven on earth. While a life of comfort, good health and love are the manifest expressions of our deepest desires, it’s connection to the core -self, the home of laughter, happiness, bliss and unconditioned love that is the real motivator and ... Read More »

Positive Thinking Affirmations and Your Brain – Louise Hay

Your Brain On Positive Thinking – Louise Hay

“The brain is the computer of the body, blood is Joy, the veins and arteries are channels of Joy. Everything works under the law and action of Love.” “Negative thinking clogs up the brain.” Louise Hay Positive affirmations are effective because  they can help you focus on what really matters. People often measure the value of their lives based on material or “objective” criteria. For example, the size of the house, the flash of the car, the number of awards received or who has the most stuff. let me be clear I don’t believe there’s anything inherently wrong with having ... Read More »

Wayne Dyer To Live Unconditionally

Wayne Dyer To Live Unconditionally

Dr. Wayne Dyer describes three things which his teacher, Abraham Maslow, the great American psychologist, taught him. These three attributes allow you to recognize people who are self-realized because they are operating from an expanded level of consciousness. Self-realization is to live unconditionally and that is freedom and happiness. The attributes Dr. Maslow spoke of are: They are independent of the good or bad opinion of other people. They are detached from outcome. They have no desire for control and no desire for power over others. There is an “affirmation” which embodies these three principles, which I first learned from Dr. David Simon or Dr. ... Read More »

Abraham’s Thoughts on Being Authentic

Abraham – Being Authentic

“Be who you are…because your authentic-self is in the Vortex thriving, and if you are experiencing even a small particle of negative emotion, you are less than authentic because you have pinched yourself of from the true authenticity of who you really are.” Abraham   How do we know when we are truly expressing our authentic self?     Abraham’s answer is when, “you feel fabulous in the moment.” Most of our time is spent looking out into the world, self-knowledge and awareness are surpassed by our need for social approval and acknowledgment; in other words our need for approval and acceptance tempers ... Read More »

Deepak and Rainn – The Big Questions Defining Happiness and More

Deepak and Rainn – The Big Questions Defining Happiness and More

The first question  Rainn Wilson asks Deepak is a big one; “Who are you?” The first question I learned to ask myself at the Chopra Center, just prior to going into meditation was, “who am I? This question along with two others are part of what’s called the ‘Soul questions.”  Each question is asked without expectation, I simply express them silently to myself, releasing them into the universe and allowing the answers to flow into my consciousness over time and connecting me to true nature. Deepak described the as awakening to an understanding that: “You are a luminous stardust being with ... Read More »

Deepak on Happiness Wellbeing and Meditation

Deepak on Happiness Wellbeing and Meditation

Happiness research, over the last few years, has found that we each have a “happiness set point,” which is a combination of “nature and nurture;” that is the genes we inherited and the environment we grew up in.  New discoveries have shown, both your brain and your genetics continue to change and evolve throughout your life, which opens the door for us to change the brain’s happiness set point.  The scientific benefits of meditation have been well documented over the last few decades with research continuing to point to the positive ways that meditation alters brain chemistry. Ultimately the the ... Read More »

Meditation For Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

Meditation For Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

We all have moment when we feel good, when we’re happy, but they don’t last long, at least not as long as we would like.  The challenge is in sustaining those feelings and letting them carry us through our day. One of the most effective strategies to maintain happiness and increase long-term happiness is with intentional activities.   Why is it powerful? Positive affirmation can be one of those activities and when you combine positive affirmations with meditation you increase your power to boost you over all wellbeing.  To help you on your happiness quest I wanted to share this nice little affirmation meditation on creating and maintaining ... Read More »