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Videos that inspire and promote feelings of well being.

Understanding Authentic Power – Oprah and Gary Zukav

Understanding Authentic Power - Oprah and Gary Zukav

What is real Authentic Power? What does Authentic Power have to do with happiness and the Law of Attraction? To answer the first question, Oprah quotes from “The Seat of the Soul:” “When the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the Soul…that is Authentic Power.” The second question, “what does Authentic Power have to do with happiness,” Oprah answers by describing her “ah ha” moments;  “when my personality  comes to fully align with the energy of my Soul (the true-self), and I allow my Soul to be my guide, that is when I am the most powerful, that’s when ... Read More »

Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude

Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude

“Where you’ve been is irrelevant…the only thing that is relevant is where you are and where you are going…and where you are is only relevant as a starting place to where you are going.” Abraham One of the worlds most well known writer and researcher about gratitude is Robert Emmons, and he described it this way, “(Gratitude is) a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for life.” A definition that fits Abraham’s “Exuberant Wellbeing” to a tee. Applying the concept of “Exuberant Wellbeing,” along with a continued practice of gratitude and appreciation, become powerful tools of transformation – tools that you ... Read More »

Abraham – Rampage of Appreciation and Gratitude

Rampage Of Appreciation And Gratitude

    The expression of gratitude is one of the most powerful strategy’s for achieving happiness. Gratitude is many things to many people. Its appreciation, it is wonder; it’s finding the silver lining in any set back; it is thanking someone in your life; it’s thanking Source. Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions; it negates worry, hostility, irritation and envy.   We are going to offer a…Rampage of Appreciation that will as you hear it…will hold you, at least for the time of your focus, in a place of allowing…” Abraham   And the quote, from Abraham, pretty much ... Read More »

Choose thoughts that lean in the direction of happiness

Choose thoughts that lean in the direction of happiness

A person that can choose thoughts that lean in the direction of happiness is a person that’s “aware of vibration, who is alert to emotion, who cares about how they feel and directs thoughts accordingly.” This, Abraham points out, is the only way anyone can be consistently happy. The characteristics of alignment do not necessarily require overt expressions of happiness. Bliss is, vibrationally, the highest expression of joy, which is very expressive, sometimes outwardly. Abraham’s example is music; songs that raise the roof, as the expression goes. Then there is the inward expressions like contemplation and meditation; connections to joy ... Read More »

A Rampage of Happiness

A Rampage of Happiness

“There’s happiness right here right now if you are in the right vibration.” Abraham This wonderful remix of Abraham’s (through Esther) rampage of happiness offers us the key to connecting to our inherent source of joy, by being in alignment, and then becomes the key itself. Savoring the deliciously wonderful vibration that is offered the experiencer becomes the experience; happiness. When you consciously create a happiness habit then happiness will be who you are. “Life isn’t happening to me – life is happening fromme.” The great Seers and Saints wake up and greet their day consciously intend how there day ... Read More »

The Law of Attraction and Happiness

The Law of Attraction and Happiness

The Law of Attraction and Happiness When practicing the Law of Attraction, maintaining a state of happiness is the most powerful way to manifest your desires. Since it’s your vibrational state that attracts what it is you desire, it’s important to keep your emotions as positive as possible. The emotions that you are looking to focus on (hold your attention on) are feelings of love, joy, happiness, satisfaction, gratitude, appreciation, peace or serenity. Maintaining these emotions will raise your vibrational level and create a “vibrational match” with the experiences that you dream of, desire and expect. This video is a ... Read More »

What is the Ultimate Purpose of Life

Inspiration – A Companion to the Forgotten

Inspiration – A Companion to the Forgotten Inspiration can arise out of the darkest corners, spreading hope, joy, happiness and light before it. Inspiration flowers from a single small seed, a thought, act or deed, growing and spreading new life over what was barren ground. To be inspired is to live In-Spirit meaning to live life like the Source, the essence, from which we came…it means to live authentically, connected to the invisible reality. We know when we are In-Spirit because we know what it feels like…joy, abundance, creativity, wellbeing, peace, harmony, laughter and love. All the things we feel ... Read More »

Gregg Braden and The Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden and The Divine Matrix

“When people ask “what is the Divine Matrix,” the way to answer that is it is the container for the entire Universe… and second, that the Divine Matrix is a bridge between our inner and our outer world… and three, this Field appears to be a mirror… that this field will mirror back to us what we truly Feel.” Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix is our world – our Universe and it is at the same time everything in our world. “We are the canvas, as well as the images upon the canvas. We are the paints, as well as ... Read More »

Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton The Power Of Law Of Attraction

Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton

“You are limited by your perception… and by the belief about the world you live in…” Bruce Lipton In this the first of two videos, by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton, the discussion is based around the understanding presented by Bruce in his wonderful book, “The Biology of Belief.” A book really built on the principles of the Law of Attraction. This understanding is referred to in the teachings of Abraham as, “the delicate balance between belief and desire.”      Science try’s to contain the mystery by calling it the Placebo and Nocebo effects. Here are Wayne and ... Read More »

Deepak Chopra On The Law of Attraction

Deepak Chopra On The Law Of Attraction

Dr. Deepak Chopra’s approach to the Law of Attraction, a combination of scientific and traditional wisdom. From that combination of perspectives Deepak explains how the law of attraction is based on the understanding that consciousness is an infinite field of possibilities. In this video, Deepak shares the simple way you can activate the law of attraction. Enjoy Deepak’s Videos on the law of attraction from a perspective “of science and traditional wisdom.” From the scientific perspective the law of attraction as five attributes; (1) it is a field of infinite possibilities, which is (2) non-local and super-position which means, outside ... Read More »