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Clearing a Path for Happy Mind

“To a mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.”                                                                                      ~Chuang Tzu~

Clearing a Path for Happy MindWe’ve arrived at what I consider to be the end of summer. Labor Day has come and gone along with August. We’ve arrived and September and fall is knocking at the door. Fall has always a busy time of year, but it seems like the last few have been exceptionally so.

The buzz of activity is mirrored in my mind. I’ve heard figures that range from 50,000 to 70,000 as the number of thoughts that we have in a day- all part of 12 to 15 thousand on going internal conversations. Now, I don’t know which figures are the most accurate, or where I fall in their range; what I do know that either way that’s a lot of buzz going on in my brain.

Relief’s in sight because you and I can teach our brains to slow down.

You are not only the teacher of your own brain but the student, according to Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi. In their book “Super Brain” they explain that it’s your responsibility to instill curiosity which will naturally lead to inspiration.

“No brain was ever inspired, but when you are, you trigger a cascade of reactions that light up the brain, while the incurious brain is basically asleep.” Encouraging curiosity is encouraging focus and according to the authors may also prevent symptoms of senility.”

This is one method that will help you create a habit that trains the mind to slow down and become more focused.

Kathy Graham of “Think & be Happy,” offers three more that are definitely worth sharing. So without further ado, here’s Kathy:

The power of the pause 
Do you go through your day racing from one thing to the next without even taking a breath? If so, the pause is for you! The pause is a simple mental pause where you rest your attention on one of your senses. Stop what you are doing, sit down close your eyes and take three long breaths, focusing on nothing but your inhalation and exhalation. The pause is usually only a few seconds but can change your day. Pausing often throughout the day is a way of ‘clearing the slate’ so you can focus. Here are some ways of doing it:

Pause at the end of each task just before you start another task.
When the phone rings while you are working on another task, pause and listen to the phone ring for a few seconds before picking it up. Alternately, touch the receiver before answering.
Pause whenever you are interrupted in the middle of a task by feeling the feet on the floor for a few seconds before you turn your attention to the person interrupting you.

The magic of mindful listening
Do you have conversations and later have no idea what has been said? Because we spend part of each day in interaction with others, listening is a perfect activity for training your mind to be clear and focused. Mindful listening is listening with full attention. This means that we listen without comment, distraction or anticipation of what will be said. Here are some ways you can do it:

In a discussion that seems to drag on simply bring your attention to the sound of the speaker’s voice without judgment or comment.
When you are talking on the phone stop doing all other tasks and focus attention on the sense of hearing.
When interacting with people whom you have formed strong ideas and opinions about, put these aside by directing attention away from your thoughts about that person and onto what they are saying.

The charm of connecting with your senses
A busy mind often arises because you are thinking about the past and future and are not grounded in the present moment. Your five senses are your gateway to the present because they are always in the ‘here and now’. Connect to your senses throughout the day to keep your mind fully in the present and attend to the activity or task you are doing. Here are some ways you can try this:

Use the sense of touch to bring your attention to a project you are working on – be aware of the pen in your hand or your fingertips touching the keyboard.
When you are eating, connect your mind to the sense of taste.
Whenever you are doing anything – cleaning, washing up, gardening – stay present with the sense that you are using most at the time.
When you are driving, feel your hands on the steering wheel and focus on being fully present through sight.

All of these exercises train your mind to be clear and present focused. Before long you will notice that you are taming your busy mind and your happiness will greatly benefit! Read more here…

My last recommendation, and certainly not least, for ‘clearing a path for a happy mind,’ is a traditional meditation practice.

A 20 minute twice a day meditation practice will teach and train your brain and mind to become focused and clear allowing your brain to declutter; a practice that’s sages and scientist agree will expand your happiness.

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