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Communicating with Your Inner Being Naturally

“When you meditate you quite thought, and when you quiet thought or stop thought you release resistance… Once you quite your mind you stop resistance and once you stop resistance you come into alignment with who you really are.”  Abraham

Communicating With Your Inner Being NaturallySelf-realization is being connected to the universal-self, it is the unconditioned-self, “who you really are.”

The universal-self in found in the words of the “Heart Sutra”,  Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love or are described as Love, Joy and Wholeness (the root for the word holiness). Self-realization has been described through history variously as enlightenment, the “original face” in Zen, the “uncarved block” in Eastern mystical traditions, native Americans called it, among other descriptions, “free spirit,” the Buddhist words are “the sacred happiness,”  to Christian mystics its “inner Eden” and the  Taoist  simply call it the “inner smile.”

the question is, then, not matter how you describe or call it – is it possible to actually experience it?

Self-realization is possible, in other words, it’s possible for all existential doubt to disappear, and to experience an  unwavering conviction in the joyous, peaceful, and abundant goodness of life.

It is possible to be truly free.

Cultivating this kind deep self-awareness requires a commitment to communicating with your inner being.

Communicating with your inner being is more about not communicating, at least in the ordinary sense, and any attempt to “try to” or any “thought” about communicating only creates more resistance moving you farther from your desire.

Ordinarily we communicate with each other through a combination of sound and physical gestures, subtle and overt, and with ourselves through thought. Going beyond those forms of communication to the quiet place of intuition, through stillness and surrender, we arrive at our true and authentic-selves.

How important is language? Listen to Abraham’s words in the final seconds of this video and discover the answer.

Your connection to your inner being is always there, becoming attuned and aligned is to become self-realized – that is to become connected to your higher-self.

Don Juan, the Yaqui sorcerer from the Carlos Castaneda novels, described becoming attuned and connecting with your inner being as “cleaning a rusty connection;” a metaphor I’ve always enjoyed because I visualize my silence as the cleaning cloth polishing the silver strands leading to the universal-self, the self that lies beyond the mask of my personal story, my conditioning, all my learned limitations, and my fears.

Self-Realization embodies the paradox of all spiritual practice, it is simple and natural, but it is not always easy and requires us step into and take full responsibility for its manifestation and expression in the world.

Self-Realization is the natural result of allowing, and as Abraham says, “Do not TRY to make it happen; let it happen” 


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