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Creating an Abundance Mindset

Creating an Abundance MindsetOur mindset, or our paradigm as it is sometimes known, is made up of our thought patterns, beliefs, habits, opinions, values, and our perceived identity about ourselves and others in relationship to our experiences of life. In other words, it is the filter through which we interpret all our experiences.

It is your mindset which shapes your life and attracts to it results that are a mirror reflection of that mindset. This is how we create our world based on our personal mindset.

It is only through examination of our personal paradigm that we can determine the answer to the question of, whether it supports us or limits us, whether we are operating on “autopilot” or we are deliberately choosing what we want.

It is true that when we make conscious choices we are creating our own mindset, however at some point; the mindset begins to create us.

Understanding this, it is easy to see that in order to be successful you have to understand your own mindset, that is, you have to examine it at the conscious level.

Change Your Results

By consciously examining your mindset you will begin to uncover the hidden beliefs that are driving you; some serving you and others limiting you. You must uncover the hidden beliefs otherwise you can’t do anything about them and if you want to change your results then you will need to change your mindset.

This means that if you want to change your results then you have to change the way you think – your mindset.

One of the biggest reasons for failure, for people not reaching their goals is because they are trying to change the effects in their life, rather than addressing the causes. They are trying to change the results without changing their mindset.

Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don’t

Your thoughts are the cause – your results are the effect.

To understand how mindset works it’s important to understand that your thoughts and beliefs are the ultimate cause, and in order to change the result or effect, you have to change the cause, this means that you have to change your thoughts.

The challenge is that our deepest mindsets come preprogrammed in; they are largely “gifted” to us by our parents, teachers, the popular culture, society and religious sources. Understanding this we can begin to see that we are in large part the products of other peoples habitual ways of thinking.

By and large, we are completely unconscious of the way in which our mindsets evolved; for the most part, we simply think that this is just how life is.

When the unconsciously accept these beliefs, values, habits and thought patterns, then they have control of our lives.

To get different results, we need to re-examine our thoughts and our thinking process.

How to Change Your Mindset

How can you change a paradigm that isn’t serving you; how do you change your limiting beliefs, your old mindset, beliefs, practices and attitudes?

Begin by asking these questions:

  • Who are the influences in my life?
  • How have they influenced my thinking about myself, about others and about my successes in life?
  • What habits, beliefs, attitudes and ways of thinking have they passed down to me?
  • What cultural and religious beliefs, what teachings and teachers have shaped my mindset?
  • Have these beliefs, thoughts, and teachings enhance or limited my success?
  • How has your mindset enhanced or limited your success?

Do not pass over these questions lightly, spend time with them, contemplate them and revisit them often. By doing this, you will over time deepen your insights and expand your awareness. This practice will lead to a natural, organic and positive change in your personal and worldview.

This is how you begin to change your mindset and rid yourself of the old limiting programming. Another key element in creating a new mindset is consistency.

It’s our habitual thoughts, our consistent thoughts, which create our mindset and our destiny, not the thoughts that come and go like the waves upon a beach.

There is a teaching from one of the oldest wisdom traditions on our planet which states:

“As your desire is, so is your will. As you will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

When you are consistent with your thoughts, which come from a place of deep desire within you, it is those consistent thoughts that will above all else determine your mindset and your destiny.

This is the process of creating a new path, a new paradigm.

Creating Your New Mindset

How do you create a new mindset? How do you replace your old limiting beliefs the new and powerful thoughts?

Here are some practices that will help you create your new mindset.

Unleash your imagination; put no limitations on your thinking. It’s okay to dream big, give yourself permission to envision your life unfolding exactly as you would like.

Live as if your ideal mindset is your reality, right here, right now. This means that you live from rather than in anticipation of ideal paradigm. This also means that you should make it as real, concrete and comprehensive as possible. Write down as much detail as possible, visualize it as though you were remembering it not imagining it.

Use the present tense when describing your desired outcome. When you write in the future tense you are telling your subconscious mind that you do not have what you want, and you are not yet who you would like to be.

Is very important that you are careful to always state what it is that you do want and not what it is that you don’t want.

When you visualize your new paradigm, create a picture with you in it, as opposed to being the observer of it.

When creating a new mindset, the power is in the emotion. Feelings are the gateway to the unconscious mind and it is your unconscious mind that has the real power to create. It is been estimated that the unconscious mind is a million times stronger than the conscious mind. It is the conscious mind that is the choice maker, while it is the unconscious mind is the power behind the scenes.

Living the Change

As you begin to live these practices, your mindset begins to shift from the old limiting (and unconscious) beliefs to a new more empowering paradigm.

When you live your new paradigm as if it were right here, right now then your mindset for success becomes your reality!

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