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Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi – Super Brain

Super BrainA Rosetta Stone between Science and Spirit

For many their intuition is enough, they need no other proof, their spiritual experiences are real.

However, others find that, even if they really want to believe, there’s always a little nagging doubt hanging out just below the surface in the dark corners of their subconscious.

For those folks there is a new book by Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi called “Super Brain.”

This book takes you to the event horizon, the transition point between the physical and the non-physical and it’s not “out their” somewhere.

Rudy, as he refers to himself throughout the book, and Deepak explain this process in this quote from second chapter, “Five myths to dispel.”

“Relating to your brain in a new way is the way you can change your reality. The more neuroscientist learn, the more it seems that the brain has hidden powers. The brain processes the raw material of life, as a servant to any desire you have, any vision you can imagine. The solid physical world cannot resist this power, and yet unlocking it requires new beliefs. Your brain cannot do what it thinks it cannot do.” Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi

They show how the Mind is not the brain, in fact it’s not even in the brain and furthermore it’s the creator of the brain. (Mind, as it is used by the authors, is synonymous with what those who are spiritually inclined would call spirit or soul and the left brainers would call consciousness.)

This knowledge is powerful because it lays the ground work for personal transformation. In their chapter “where happiness lives,” they tackle the question and provide tools to help you move towards lasting happiness.

The idea of “lasting happiness” goes against the grain of current research, which views happiness as a short lived fleeting state. Deepak and Rudy believe otherwise. They feel the problem lies in our “reality making.”

In their words, “If you have more skill at creating your own personal reality, then permanent happiness will follow.”

This is not some pie in the sky, wishful thinking. There are many examples found in the Eastern wisdom traditions of just such people who have attained a state of permanent happiness. Deepak and Rudy, through the knowledge and the tools provided in “Super Brain” offer us the same opportunity.


This video is an introduction by Deepak to “Super Brain”…shining a light into all those dark corners of your subconscious, vaporizing the nagging shadows of doubt.

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