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Deepak Chopra – How Gratitude Creates Abundance

Deepak Chopra – How Gratitude Creates Abundance“When you focus on the things that you are grateful for then it opens you to the Source of all those things that came into your life that for which you are grateful.” Deepak Chopra

According to Robert Emmons that if we put aside a minute of two every day to express gratitude for our lives it as far-reaching and positive consequences. research showed that, when compared to a control group, those who had a regular gratitude practice, not only appreciated life more, but had measurably higher levels of wellbeing, greater health, experienced more positive emotions, and they were happier and more optimistic.

Keeping a Gratitude journal allows you to maintain focus, writing down the things that you are grateful for, big and small, this process connects to the source of infinite abundance.

When we are grateful we are acting, feeling and living out beyond our ego minds, because, as Deepak reminds us, “you can’t have ego identity and feel grateful at the same time.”  

It is a universal truth that how you think (believe) – about yourself, your world and others – is far more important to your happiness than the objective (material reality) circumstances of your life. Great mind throughout history have expressed the virtues of gratitude , optimism and avoiding object referral (comparing ourselves to others).

here are three thoughts from Deepak on gratitude:

The Highest form of Gratitude is “Gratitude for existence itself.”

“Being Grateful that You Are.”

“We are literally made of star dust so how can we be anything but luminous!”


Be Grateful and Allow your Love to Shine…  


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