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Deepak Chopra On The Law of Attraction

Deepak Chopra On The Law Of AttractionDr. Deepak Chopra’s approach to the Law of Attraction, a combination of scientific and traditional wisdom. From that combination of perspectives Deepak explains how the law of attraction is based on the understanding that consciousness is an infinite field of possibilities.

In this video, Deepak shares the simple way you can activate the law of attraction.

Enjoy Deepak’s Videos on the law of attraction from a perspective “of science and traditional wisdom.”

From the scientific perspective the law of attraction as five attributes;

(1) it is a field of infinite possibilities, which is

(2) non-local and super-position which means, outside of space-time (known as the discontinuity) and everywhere at once.

(3) The field is infinitely uncertain and

(4) it is therefore, infinitely creative.

(5) The last attribute is known, from the scientific perspective as the “observer effect,” which is understood from the traditional perspective as, “co-creation in consciousness or co-creation with God.”

If you are attracted to a Yogic or scientific approach then Deepak’s teachings on the Law of Attraction are in a language which will be easier for you to resonate with. 

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