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Find Happiness by Nourishing Our Relationships

Find Happiness by Nourishing Our RelationshipsWe believe that we will find happiness by nourishing our relationships. We believe this because we believe sharing our lives with someone is the essential link to finding happiness. But if happiness comes from within is it necessary?

Well, sort of.

It arises there, however once we connect to our true and authentic selves, we can experience the joyful wonder of giving of our self entirely to that special someone.

Embark on a Journey of Self Discovery

For us to find happiness in this world it first takes self-examination to discover who we are before finding a partner who can truly commit to. We first have to know ourselves, by resisting pride and examining our hearts to perceive facts about ourselves; facts that we may not be comfortable knowing.

It is then that we can distinguish who we really are and what we have to offer in a relationship.

After all, aren’t relationships really about giving of yourself?

Nourishing a relationship is allowing your heart to be open to your partner. This involves baring your soul to that special someone; being vulnerable.

The bonds of intimacy are rooted in vulnerability, exploring the deeper person, sharing things with each other that are tender to the soul.

Our feelings Can Be Misleading

In life, most of us begin relationships seeking what we feel we need or want. We look for what we feel we lack, believing that other person will fill the void.

And in the beginning it is easy for us to believe the other person is the right fit for us. But as time passes that feeling of “the right fit” can slowly wear down into uncertainty as the newness and excitement wanes.

We begin to see each other’s faults and shortcomings.

We can feel disappointed because our expectations are not fulfilled. None of us stay same our entire life. We humans change as we mature. As our needs and what we offer changes with time, so does our partner’s.

What we viewed in the beginning as the foundation of our relationship may no longer exist. At this point we can become insecure or resentful thinking we have made a mistake and feel like we’re with the wrong person. This is a scenario that plays out daily the world over.

Focus on Love and What You Want to Grow

To find happiness our focus should not be upon finding someone who meets our needs. Our focus should be on our love and commitment to one another while journeying through life.

Finding Happiness in our relationships is dependent on our nurturing the seeds of love, tenderness, and understanding and by giving what it is we most desire, love and attention, and we will receive it.

Moreover, by letting our partner see our vulnerability, we build trust.  A nurturing relationship is one in which you are your partner’s best friend, one where you listen and pay attention to them, giving of yourself without expectation, but out of joy.

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the most powerful ways to ‘give of yourself without expectation’ and find happiness at the same time. When you practice gratitude it is like watering the garden good things will grow.

In the end, as you learn the lessons that life has to teach, you will never fully know each other or comprehend just how right for one another you are until you have walked through the fires of life together. Until you have experienced life’s peaks and valleys together. It is through the trials of life, as you nurture and nourish your relationship that true happiness is found.

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