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Finding the Flow is the Happiness Experience

“Once you start tending to your vibration you are going to discover a leverage (the flow)…that what you want is in the process of becoming.” Abraham

Finding The Flow Is The Happiness ExperienceFor most of us living in the future or thinking about something that happened to us awhile ago, are the two most occupied places in our minds. While we are doing our jobs, we think about vacation or playing at the beach, then when we get to the beach, we fantasize about a nice dinner out (or sex, depending on your gender) and then sitting down to dinner our minds wonder off and back to work.

It seems that, all to rarely, we are completely in the moment, savoring the now. And yet, the present moment, the now, is all there is. When we think about the future or the  past, we do it now.

There’s no fault in this, this is the way we live when we are living from the ego state (the perspective of the individual – separate from all that is). It a habitual state that we’ve been practicing since childhood.

There are different strategies or practices that promote living in the present. Finding the flow is one. the truth is that we all find ourselves experiencing the flow, from time to time, whether we’re aware of it or not.

“Finding the the flow” are those times when you are so lost in a particular experience you lose track of time, you are completely absorbed, but unlike movies or TV you are deeply aware of the experience. Mihaly Csikszentmihali (the person who is credited with coning the term) described it as, an”intense state of absorption and involvement with the present moment.”

Abraham, in this video, imparts a lesson about living in the flow, or “going with the flow,” in which they use the analogy “turning your boat downstream.”

And when we aren’t accessing the “flow factor” then everything we are trying to do becomes hard work and struggle.

How do we access the flow? According to Abraham, “It’s a matter of trusting in the process (they are speaking about the Law of Attraction).”

The easiest way to find the flow is to align yourself with better feeling thoughts, any thoughts that feel good, not necessarily (in fact rarely) those which are related to the situation, person or object that you’ve struggling with.

“If you are not expecting good things to come to you no amount of effort of will (action) that you will ever offer will cause them to come.” Abraham

You are cautioned, by Abraham,  to be gentle with yourself and to not expect that you will change your “habits of thought” instantaneously; especially with a force of effort.

The Flow as described by Csikszentmihali is a place between anxiety and boredom: the place where you are completely absorbed in what you are doing.

When you are in the flow you are balanced between your skills and challenges. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you could be playing music or writing in as journal, if you attempting anything beyond your current skill level, you become frustrated at the least. But when there is no challenge in what your doing you quickly become bored and apathetic. Flow is being in the sweet spot.

Flow is more than that, it as been described as a high, because its inherently pleasurable and a positive experience. Flow leads us to connect and be involved in life, feeling as if we are in control with a sense  of purpose. All of the experiences are the experiences of happiness.

At times, there seem to be a dichotomy between the need to take action and the need for hard work and effort.

The difference is that inspired action is action taken “in the flow” (In the language of Abraham, from the vortex) – on the other hand there will always be a struggle when acting outside of alignment…that is from a unconscious, every-day reality.

You can tell where you are, because finding the flow is a happiness experience!

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