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Finding Your Passion and Happiness

Finding Your Passion and Happiness “How can I find out what my life’s purpose is? I know there’s something I’m supposed to be doing, but I can’t figure out what it is.” These thoughts or some variation of these concerns come up whenever there’s a discussion about “following your bliss” or finding your passion and happiness.

Maybe you’re feeling vaguely restless, that time’s passing you by, and that you haven’t discovered that something “meaningful” yet. Perhaps you are searching for work that excites you and is full of promise. I think what you are feeling is coming from your souls purpose.

At the deepest level, I believe that our purpose to connect to our true identity.

If you are asking yourself questions about your purpose and passion then you are in a certain stage of awaking your purpose, and no matter how blocked you are feeling, your soul’s desire has made itself known to you, on the positive side, by what really gets you motor running (motivates you), what you are attracted to, and from the opposite perspective, what you are resisting and what challenges you.

Many things and situations that challenge you are actually serving you to help you define your purpose because resolving obstacles bring with it a certain power and special knowledge.

You may find a doorway or a clue to your life’s passion as the result of struggle or pain. But if your life seems to be a continuous struggle then it might be time to reexamine your beliefs about life. Generally when you are on the right path you will find yourself in the flow.

One of the most powerful ways to know that you are on track is when you are doing something and you completely lose track of time, it’s like being in love. You feel excited and anyone who comes into contact with you can’t help themselves and mirror your feelings.

The question then is how can you find your purpose and passion?

In this interview with life coach Barrie Davenport, from the “Positivity Blog,” offers you some tips for finding your passion and happiness. Enjoy, here’s Barrie…

What is the most common mistake people make when trying to find their passion?

That’s a great question, and I’ve actually written an entire free guide on this topic that I offer at called The Passion Myths: 6 Lies Keeping You from Uncovering Your Life Passion. Most of the mistakes people make related to finding their passion happen before they begin searching for it.

They make false assumptions or have beliefs about themselves and their lives that simply aren’t the truth — or the entire truth. Sometimes they take a few steps toward seeking their passions, only to allow these assumptions and beliefs to get in their way and stop them from doing anything.

Once people address these myths, they can clear the path for themselves and begin their search in earnest. But even during the search, one of the common mistakes is not remaining flexible and staying open to all possibilities.

Sometimes our passion search will take us down one path, but then an idea or situation will occur that potentially leads down another. People sometimes resist exploring this different path because they feel they must “stick to the plan.”

But a passion search can lead in all sorts of wonderful directions. I thought my passion search was leading me to just a coaching career. But it has also led me to being a blogger and creating an online personal development business. I never could have anticipated that when I began my search.

What are your top 3 tips for finding one’s passion?

Tip #1: Begin with a blank slate.

While you are searching, try to remain completely open to all possibilities, even if they seem impossible for your life right now. You are capable of doing and changing far more than you initially assume, so try not to assume anything.

Just enjoy the ride – have fun on the search. You can deal with the practicalities of how to make your passion work for your life once you find your passion. When you uncover it, you’ll feel so energized that you will find a way to make it happen.

Tip #2: Expect fear and doubt.

That is perfectly normal. Fear and doubt will creep in at the beginning of the search and will reappear throughout the search. It’s impossible to go through a process of self-discovery and make life changes without the “what ifs” and concerns about your future.

But fears and doubts are almost always smokescreens that your psyche is throwing up to prevent you from taking action. The more you take action in spite of fear, the more confident you will feel and the less fear will bother you. Continue reading the tips for finding your passion and happiness here…

Finding and following your passion is about connecting to and then following your inner voice (sometimes called intuition). When you do anything out of a sense of obligation or guilt it deprives you of your strength.

Becoming conscious of this intuitive sense, asking questions of your inner essence, then quieting the mind so you can hear and feel the answers, is as important for choosing what you want to do next as it is for contemplating life’s larger goals.

Beyond the narrow category of occupation, your real purpose in life is finding your passion and happiness, which is who you are at the core of your being.


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