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Following Laughter along the Path to Enlightenment

Laughter is a physical manifestation which flows directly from the highest state of our being, the state of Bliss.

Following Laughter Along The Path To EnlightenmentLaughter has the unique ability to move you past the conditioned response – that’s the response which is subjects you to conditions outside yourself – connecting you directly to Happiness and Bliss.  

Has the number of studies on the amazing powers of laughter continues to grow, the number of laughing yoga or laughter clubs grows with them. Even as the studies touting the healing and  restorative properties of laughing yoga pile up, in our culture (at least the pop- culture version of it) with the endless stream of tasks, genuine laughter seems be more and more elusive.

Dr. Kataria, the founder of laughing yoga, was at the time of it’s conception, a practicing doctor of internal medicine, began noticing that his patients recovered faster when they laughed. So in 1995 he wrote an article called “Laughter: The Best Medicine.” this inspired him to form the first laughter club on March 13th of 1995, and as they say, the rest was history.

The practice of laughing yoga doesn’t need direct humor in the from of joke or any “outside” stimulus. the goal of the program is to create “thought-free” laughter. According to Dr. Kataria, “If you’re laughing, you cannot think. That is the objective we achieve in meditation.” The meditative consciousness is the route to bliss.

Bliss differs from happiness in that happiness is conditional.

This is because happiness is of the mind (Laughter equals body, Happiness equals mind and Bliss equals Spirit or Soul) and as Dr. Kataria explains, “When you depend on something else to make you laugh, the laughter doesn’t belong to you. That’s a conditioned laugh.”

Like all things in life, joy and bliss doesn’t just flow in one direction, when we laugh we  spread and contribute to all joy.

Want to start laughing now?

Just watch this video with John Cleese, former front man for Monty Python’s Flying Circus, it’s a great way to start contributing to the universal bliss.

It seems a sad fact, that as we grow up we stunt of our emotional growth by imprisoning ourselves with our past conditioning. As  we’ve “matured” into adulthood we’ve made a practiced the art of suppressing our emotions; a practice mainly driven by the fear of social pressure. All the while our children laugh spontaneously and are happy for no reason. And happiness without cause is our natural state.    

While social pressure can have negative consequences, it turns out that laughter is a social activity with positive effects, and there’s plenty of evidence that people who have nurturing social relationships are happier and healthier.   

Here’s the secret of laughing yoga, you don’t need even have sense of humor to laugh.

Why? because laughing can be unconditional. All you need to do is start laughing. Yes, at the start it will seem a bit awkward, but I promise you in very short order it will be genuine.

Laughter is contagious, and it’s a virus you want to spread.

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