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Give Yourself Permission to Feel Good

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good“Think of someone that is easy for you to love…Just choose someone who it is easy for you to love and just sit softly and say to yourself, I really do love you…and if you’ll just sit and focus on someone that is easy for you to love, it will just soften your vibration, moving you in the vicinity of wellbeing.” Abraham

Happiness always brings out the best in you and happiness is infectious. Happiness is natural. When you are happy you feel good and you look good; it may be intangible but it is real. You feel free and light, the whole world responds to your happiness.

Happiness is love and when you are happy you’re naturally friendly, kind, generous and have an open heart. When you are happy you are on purpose. Happiness is very attractive, so much so that it literally attracts wonderful things.

it’s no wonder that happiness is so important to us, because along with love (the essence of happiness) it is the goal of all goals.

Everyone wants to be happy. The question is, then, if everyone wants to be happy why are so many people genuinely unhappy, and how do you create a different experience.

The simple answer is to stop the pursuit of happiness and connect to your true-self; begin to accept that happiness isn’t “out there” but is “in here” and is, like love, the very essence of who you are. 

One way to do that is through a practice  in which you give yourself permission to feel good.

In this video, Abraham, shares a practice to help you “in the vicinity of wellbeing” and step into the flow (vortex).

The practice will allow you to experience a “real time”  manifestation. Abraham explains that by holding a feeling, for a short period of time, when you reemerge you’ll notice shift in how people interact with you.

Abraham explains, “Try it… as soon as you walk out into the world the first person you encounter will be someone that behaves differently than they did before to give you evidence of the shift in your vibration.”   

The Eastern wisdom traditions view this phenomenon as seeing the world in yourself. When you do see the world in yourself then obstacles to your happiness begin to drop away. Your inner and outer worlds begin to mirror each other.

The teaching is to “give yourself permission to feel good.” Hold that intention and the flow of happiness and abundance will manifest as your reach the deepest level of yourself.


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