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Happiness could be a Trip to Fiji

Happiness could be a Trip to FijiStarting this weekend Fiji Tourism will begin running ads, as part of a global marketing campaign featuring the “happiness of Fiji.”

People in the trade were given a sneak-peek in Sydney Thursday night. The tourism board is using the slogan “Fiji – where happiness finds you”, and the commercials focus on the scenery and people of Fiji, along with the themes of adventure, relaxation, families, and surfing.

The idea for this campaign arose from the 2011 declaration that Fiji’s the “happiest place in the world.”

Rick Hamilton, Fiji chief executive of tourism, said in an article in Travel and Tour World, “When you think about it, the whole world is continually looking for happiness but actually, it’s Fijians, the people who are trying the least, who have it the most.”

Hamilton’s observation on happiness is what wisdom teachers and positive psychologists have told us is the key to happiness; which is that, “you can’t get happy, you can only be happy.”

Happiness, then, could be a trip to Fiji, because not only is it beautiful but you get to immerse yourself in all those happy vibes.

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