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Happiness is a Laughing Meditation

Happiness is a Laughing MeditationWhen was the last time that you busted out laughing? I mean really let go, rolling on the ground, crying tears because it hurt so good! If you answer was, “just a little while ago,” then kudos to you. But if your answer was, “I can’t remember the last time,” then maybe it’s time to stop and take note, maybe, just maybe, happiness is a laughing meditation for you.

Do you know laughing can be a meditation?

Of course it’s not meditation in the way it is usually thought of, quiet, present, with awareness turned inward.

But like the meditation that we normally think of, laughing meditation has the same calming effect. However, laughing meditation adds very positive physical effects. Laughing causes the release of some very powerful neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin and other powerful endorphins, and at the same time it helps remove the stress hormone cortisol.

I was reading an article by Shanie Matthews, of “My Happy Path,” where she shared her story of an experience from her childhood that peaked her interest in laughing meditation and hers peaked mine… Here’s Shanie…

When I was a little girl I would have, what I would call now, laughter fits. My body would go into intense, belly-filled laughter that wouldn’t stop. No matter what I did the giggles would just take me over. These spells of letting the joy out would usually occur with friends; coming down the mountain from a good day of skiing, sitting in math class, or walking in the rain. The time and place had little importance.

One episode in particular happened during 7th grade choir class. My choir teacher, Ms. Diaz, was not excited about my unending laughter. She grabbed me by the shoulder, and forced my best friend, Crystal, and I to go out into the hall. Following us out, she accused me of taking drugs and forced me to eat saltine crackers. For our 13 year old brains, her reaction only made us laugh harder.

Well, it seems my subconscious knew a thing or two. As proven by the Dutch doctor and author, Dhyan Sutorius, and his Center for the Promotion of Laughter, a good chuckle does a body good. In fact, he has created a meditation to inspire the calming effects of laughing. Continue reading here…

Dr. Sutorius has specialized in laughing meditation for over 30 years and during that time has written two books and given hundreds of lectures, as well as teaching workshops that he calls “laughshops.”

Dr. Sutorius first experience of a laughing meditation was in India in 1976, under the tutelage of Osho (known then as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh). And according to Sutorius, “That eliminated a lot of my restlessness. I discovered that my happiness is right here.”

In the beginning most people are a little shy and it take some time to come out of their shell, but quickly the awkwardness is left behind in a torrent of laughter.

Laughing becomes a change agent as Dr. Sutorius has the students, “Just make your own list. Lay out your worst troubles,” so they can watch them slip off on the waves of laughter.

If you would like to learn more about laughing mediation this is the link to the English (in this case the country) version of Dr. Sutorius “The transforming Force of the Laughing Meditation” PDF.

Read it and maybe, just maybe, for you, happiness is a laughing meditation.


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