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Happiness is a Robert Holden Documentary

“People who follow their joy discover a depth of creativity and talent that inspires the world.”
~Dr. Robert Holden~

Happiness is a Robert Holden DocumentaryI wanted to share these Robert Holden documentaries because, even though they are now somewhat dated, I feel that for anyone who is  a “new student of happiness” these videos are a wonderful place to start, especially for those of you who have read one or more of Roberts books.

I want to offer the videos in one location that was easily accessible.

It was said of this by Richard Davidson, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who measured the brain function of the volunteers over the course of eight weeks,  “This happiness training not only changes the way you feel; it actually changes the way the way your brain functions.”

When the series originally aired there were over five million viewers who watched as three volunteers moved through a unique 8 week course, created by Dr. Holden. Their weekly  progress was monitored and measured by a team of independent psychologists and scientists.

The results were remarkable; in fact so remarkable that the producer of the documentary wouldn’t air the show for six month after completion to see if the “remarkable” would hold up or if the benefits were a short term anomaly.

The results, of course, turned out not to be an anomaly and were instead such a success that the scientists hailed the course as “a genuine fast-track to happiness.

The How to be Happy documentary has since been shown in 16 countries to over 30 million viewers.

For those of you who never had the chance to watch the documentary on public broadcasting or linked to these videos on You Tube, here they are in one place.

Enjoy this series about the “genuine fast-track to happiness.

Happiness Documentary part 1 

Happiness Documentary part 2 

Happiness Documentary part 3 

Happiness Documentary part 4

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