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Happiness Scores with Travelers

Happiness Scores with Travelers Happiness is becoming as important a factor to travelers as the cost when booking travel; at least according to World Travel Market which conducted the research. Their findings suggest that customers are demanding added value and more comfort. In other words, they are looking for a higher ‘happiness score’.

The stress and aggravation that’s usually associated with air travel has worn travelers out especially the British, who are increasingly looking for a higher ‘happiness score’ when booking travel.

‘Happiness scores’ are being used to measure the subjective levels of happiness in everything from our personal happiness to our national happiness. Cities vie to be the happiest, so why shouldn’t it be applied to travel?

The WTM Global Trends Report 2013, along with Euromonitor International, and US-based flight meta-search website,, are leading proponents of the quest for contentment.

WTM Global Trends Report says the ‘happiness factor’ is particularly strong in the United States, but of the Europeans, the British lead the way when it comes to seeking a higher ‘happiness score.’

“Our Happiness Score is very important to airlines. Why? Airlines are working hard to move away from air travel being a commoditised, price and schedule-only decision,” said Robert Albert, Founder and Chief Executive of Routehappy.

This seems to be a growing trend and WTM Global believes that others in the travel industry will soon be following suit.

Happiness and travel, what’s not to like? I’m mean isn’t that why most of us travel in the first place; to find some happiness?

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