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How Meditation Creates Happiness and Builds Success

“All the things that truly matter–beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace–arise from beyond the mind.”
~ Eckhart Tolle ~

How Meditation Creates Happiness and Builds SuccessMeditation will help you tap into your creativity and expand your potential for success by balancing and centering your mind-body relationship.

There are many meditation techniques, mindfulness, mantra devotional or one-pointed concentration. The technique is a personal choice, what’s important is taking some time to “disconnect,” to rest in inner quiet.

Meditation is not something that requires special abilities, in the same way you need talent to play a musical instrument. The secret to “succeeding” with meditation is having an intention to succeed. Not that meditation should be approached like a task to be accomplished. It’s more of a desire to want to “go deep.” This desire is known as “mumukshutva” in Sanskrit, the desire for freedom that comes with Self-Realization.

While you’re on the way to realizing the “Self” and achieving true freedom, you’ll discover the other benefits meditation has to offer.

I wanted to share a few of the ways that meditation creates happiness and success in all aspects of life, work and play.

The firstand the most obvious effect you’ll notice is a reduction in stress. Chronic stress is pervasive throughout our culture. We’re in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight response and subject to the entire biochemical conflagration that’s released within us as the result.

Our immune system is repressed; stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are dumped into our system, blood pressure goes up as well as our heart rate, there’s an increase in blood sugar and many other effect that will affect our body in a very negative way when it’s exposed to them consistently over time.

Even though we aren’t being chased by lions, tigers and bears everyday of our lives (At least I would hope not – otherwise consider a career change) we are exposed to “low-levels” of constant stress. There’s a reason that people call it “the daily grind.”

Meditation is an antidote to this primitive biological response. It resets the mind-body mechanism and reverses the effects of the fight-or-flight response.

Related to the benefits of stress reduction are over all improvements in health and vitality for the entire mind-body system.  Meditation is now a scientifically recognized tool for healing.

In their book “Super Brain,” Rudolph Tanzi and Deepak Chopra, point out that there’s a deep state of rest which is produced by meditation. It triggers a response in the brain that causes the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins which enhance feelings of wellbeing, focus, and equanimity.

Meditation Creates HappinessCreative thinking that is the ability to be innovative, empathic with an inner and outer eye for the “big picture. This type of thinking is emerging as a new paradigm moving us from the information age into what was described by Daniel Pink as the “Conceptual age” in his book “A Whole New Mind.”

Meditation is an access point and a path to creative thinking.

One of the challenges, the road blocks to creative thinking, we face is that our thought patterns become habitual. They are, all too often a repetition of the thoughts we had an hour ago, a week ago; some thought from years ago are still resurrected daily. They become a “groove” in our mind.

Meditation helps interrupt these habitual patterns and instead connect with our true nature which is a field of infinite possibilities.

Meditation takes us home to the place of infinite potential, infinite creativity, intuitive flashes and the doorway to the open heart and mind.

This ability to connect with our creative side is also characterized by artist, athletes and innovators as the “flow,” a state it’s also be variously described as grace, being in the right place at the right time, or divine intuition.

No matter what name you ascribe to the process it flowers with meditation.

You realize that you are able to do less and accomplish more and you begin releasing past guilt and anxiety about the future.

Meditation helps you become present, in the now, where you can access the “flow of creativity.”

Meditation because it interrupts habitual thought patterns, creates space, allowing you to respond instead of reacting.

The ability to respond instead of react is critically important for achieving a positive response in all aspects of your life, but no more so than in your relationships.

When you meditate consistently over time, you become aware of an ability to “observe” yourself. It’s as if you’re viewing the action from a vantage point outside of yourself; this ability is known as “witnessing awareness.”

It’s from this level of awareness that you can deliberately and calmly and natural respond to any situation as it arises, feeling balanced and centered. This is the path to real happiness, fulfillment and freedom. It is the journey to Self-Realization.

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