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I choose Love

I choose LoveI have a video I wanted to share. Actually it’s a “featured Happiness Video” on this website.

I’m not here trying to promote the website.

I am trying to “promote” something else – a choice.

I learned about this video from Gregg Braden when he was in town visiting and sharing his latest work.

Why I want to share it has to do with a conversation that, I would will to bet that you’ve all been a part of, especially if you’ve gotten caught up in what happening in any of the daily news cycles while talking to friends . The general theme goes something like this, “Things are getting worse. The government is spying on everything we do, it’s becoming “Orwellian” and who knows how long the economy is going to hold up. We had better be prepared”

I’m bringing up this conversation not to take or advocate a political a position, left or right.

This conversation offers a much more basic and powerful choice – between Love and Fear.

It is by no means a new conversation. It’s been around since we’ve evolved the gifts of self-awareness and free-will.

Albert Einstein struggled with it during a time when fear marched across the world and knew that, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

How we perceive the world is how we will create the world.

You do not have to change the world. You simply have to make a choice.

The choice is always yours. You will be offered the opportunity to make it often. You have the gift of consciousness and free will. How will you choose?

Inspiration is in the video.

Here it is again.


Much Love, Laughter, Happiness and Bliss to you.


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