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Imaginal Cells are Real

“When I die I will soar with Angels and when I die to the Angels what I shall become you cannot imagine.” Rumi

Imaginal Cells Are RealThey my sound as if they are a creation straight out of the mind of a of a fantasy writer, but imaginal cells are real, they exist in the caterpillar and hold the key to it’s transformation into a butterfly.

Just as a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis as a wholly different creature, we can as authentic humans, transform our role in an the emerging world with a new understanding of how the care and maintenance of  the world is basic and vital to our existence. The authentic human perspective breaks out of the “ordinary” state of human consciousness as it emerges from the “inner world.”

The “inner world” is the subjective world of direct and immediate experience.

This world is the realm of spiritual illumination, non-locality or  universal consciousness. the physical or outer world is that of the five senses, the world located in space-time and made up of energy and mass.

The two world are completely interwoven and are the ground states of creation. The inner world has been shunned by scientist (radical materialist) , today’s intellectuals, and largely forgotten by the mass media and those who’s live’s are guided by it. That is until recently, where an emerging new reality is forming and connecting like the imaginal cells of the caterpillar.

The planet we live on is a living entity and as humans we are not independent from this world, and if we want to truly understand the world and our place in it, we must acknowledge, embrace and enact the totality of our  wisdom, knowledge and insight of both worlds, inside and out.

Deepak, in this video, explains the process of  the imaginal cells and how the transformation of the butterfly is analogous of that of humanity.




Deepak’s message is that, as we move into a new world age, we are capable of imagining a whole new world. A world filled with laughter,happiness, love and bliss .

He sees the imaginal cells, the process of the caterpillar’s transformation, as a metaphor to our own social/spiritual evolution; a metaphor that applies to both our individual consciousness and to our collective-social consciousness.

We’re at a “choice point” at this time in history and now more than ever we need to seek out and implement the timeless wisdom and compassion of the inner world. We need to open our hearts and integrate it with our senses, body, mind and soul.

But choosing to consciously evolve means asking ourselves some questions like, “What kind of future can we envision for this planet?”

How can our personal interests and desires, for happiness and wellbeing, serve the whole in these coming times?   

These answers need to become our individual and collective points of attention and intention.

When we focus on the answers, instead of,  the “body that’s disintegrating” (which is part of the transformative process) as evidenced by the news headlines, and instead become like the caterpillar’s imaginal cells,  immune to the daily on-slot, then we too will connect  reaching a critical mass and know that imaginal cells are real and…

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end he turned into a butterfly” Deepak Chopra




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