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Inspiration and Appreciation of Your True Self

Inspiration And Appreciation Of Your True Self

Discovering the real you is partly the process of allowing yourself to savor the positive experiences in your life, finding real appreciation and inspiration for who you are.  You awaken to an experience that’s transpersonal, that is, beyond the limited boundaries of the personal or ego-self. As you discover the authentic-self, you begin to awaken your connection to the whole of life.

It seems that even when the present moment is wonderful we can’t (and this happens to me all the time) enjoy the full pleasure in it because we are already imagining the what the memory of it will be like in the future. Rarely (only in the most conscious of moments) it seems do we live in and savor the present moment without a thought about whether tomorrow will be better or worse.

Yet, we all have those moments and they occur naturally when “without thinking” we stop and enjoy the beauty of a mountain vista or the sound of a piece of music, and in that moment you find yourself savoring, drinking in the moment.

This experience of, “stopping to smell the roses,” may sound like a description of the flow. While they are similar, there is a subtle difference; the flow is a complete immersion experience while savoring, on the other hand, requires that you step outside of your experience and witness it, that is, have an awareness of the experience while you are in it.

The path of self-discovery is a path that nature intended for you to follow, so it’s not difficult, it’s natural.

The challenge arises because we’re raised to believe that the path to  permanent happiness, the path of enlightenment, is difficult demanding much in the way of study and practice to achieve. The path of enlightenment is not something that you achieve, however.  To quote Deepak Chopra from his book “The Happiness Prescription:”

” To seek enlightenment is to seek your true self. Enlightenment is the most aware state of existence and also the most natural, because it is where you came from. Your home is a place of profound love, peace, and joy. When you return there, you will experience yourself as one with God.”

This is the process of alignment. Alignment with who you really are, this is the home of your unique purpose the place of true fulfillment.

That is what Abraham is sharing in this teaching.

“That feeling that’s calling you (in this case it was a person wanting to be a musical conductor), that’s who you really are…knowing it…not just knowing what will be, but being it right now…and when you let yourself go there mentally the alignment happens…and then the path to achieve it, in terms of the physical is reveled to you…you allow yourself to see it.”

Using an analogy Abraham explains how resistance works in our lives; “If you’re in an airplane flying at 30 or 40 thousand feet in the air and going 600 or 700 miles an hour and look out the window, it looks just fine…but if you put that aircraft on the ground at that speed, you’d want off right now! The reason is because the resistance make you feel speed. Speed is only recognizable when resistance is present. So, in the absence of resistance you’re just flowing with it.”     

In this video Abraham is asked to share a rampage of music appreciation. Any rampage (in Abraham’s case) will always help you feel good and in this case if you want to feel good about playing or even listening to music, and you want to get into alignment with that vibration; this is the teaching for you.

As you listen  to Abraham’s “rampage” allow yourself the luxury of listening without judgment, when you do you are not seeking happiness, your aim is higher, you are pursuing bliss.

This is the joy and  inspiration of finding your true self.


The keys to freedom, pretty much says it all.True freedom comes with awakening. It seems, that all of Abraham teachings in their DVD’s speak right to you, answering questions like, “If everybody gets to create their own reality, what about people creating things the rest of us do not want in our lives?”

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