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Inspiration and Kindness creates Happiness


Companion to the Forgotten

Inspiration And Kindness Creates HappinessForgottenInspiration an kindness can arise from the darkest corners, lighting a path, spreading hope, joy, happiness  before it.

Philosophers and spiritual thinkers have understood this truth since before written history. A Hindu  proverb explains, “true happiness consists in making others happy.”

Now research has proven that there is not only a correlation, but causation between happiness and kindness. For example, those that describe themselves as  having spent more time helping others (acts of altruism) are shown to be happier people.

Kindness and inspiration blooms from a single small seed, a germ of a  thought or a simple act, growing and spreading new life over what was barren ground.

To be inspired is to live In-Spirit. Living In-Spirit means to live life like the essence; the essence of love and happiness from which we came. It means to live authentically, connected to the invisible reality.

We know when we are In-Spirit and living authentically because we know what it feels like; abundance, creativity, peace, wellbeing, harmony, laughter, happiness, love and bliss.

All these are  things we feel when we give with and open heart.  Giving is Receiving!

“What is the ultimate purpose of life?” The answer is, “to give,” to start giving and experience the true happiness and inspiration which arises as a result; that’s the message of this video.

Yes, the ultimate purpose of life is to give, but I’ve heard another answer from the great seers and saints, telling us the ultimate goal of all goals is happiness.

Abraham, tells us the real purpose in life is to be happy leading edge creators, who’s “greatest gift to give is happiness.”  Is there a dichotomy? No. The answers are the same and are contained within themselves.

Both express the qualities of the heart, happiness, compassion, kindness, peace, equanimity and joy in our own success and the success of others.

Giving with an open heart to ourselves or to others, and because the universe doesn’t judge our actions the universe only mirrors our intent so it doesn’t matter whether we offer food to the homeless or we offer a heartfelt complement to a friend; happiness and joy will  permeate every cell in our body’s just the same.

There is no particular talent, no specific amount of time required or amount of money needed; you only open your mind and heart to the limitless possibilities of kindness and inspiration will surround you.


One small act of kindness can connect you to the flow of life, even act of personal kindness, such as, the gift of watching this video, merges you with the infinite field of energy that courses through you. That feeling of kindness is inspiration and happiness.


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