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Inspiration Laughter and Love

Laughter and Joy 

Inspiration Laughter and Love“Don’t think you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders.  Even if you are, make it fun, make it easy, make it play.” Baba Hari Das, a yogi in silence for more than four decades

Laughter is a physical manifestation that flows directly from our highest state of being…Bliss.

Laughter skips the conditioned response, that is a response subjected to outside stimulus, and connects directly to Joy and Bliss.

The number of studies on the amazing powers of laughter continues to grow and yet, even as these studies touting the restorative and healing properties of laughing pile up, in our culture – at least our popular version of it with its endless stream of tasks – laughter seems more and more elusive.

The truth is, as we grow up many of us become prisoners of our past conditioning and this leads to a stunting of our emotional growth. As adults we have practiced the art of suppressing our emotions, based on a fear of social pressure; while our children laugh spontaneously and are happy for no reason…our natural state.

But, like all things in life, Joy doesn’t just flow one way, when we laugh we contribute to Bliss.

Here’s a secret, you don’t even need a sense of humor to laugh!

You can learn to laugh; you can program it into your body and being. You don’t need a “reason” to laugh, like a joke or a funny movie. Laughing can be unconditional…you just start laughing, and yes, in the beginning it will seem a bit awkward, but I promise you that in very short order in will be genuine.

Laughter is contagious, and this is something you want to catch.

I will leave you with a quote from a great thought leader…George Carlin:

“I went into a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?”   She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.”


“The universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed: Being, Awareness, and Love.” Deepak Chopra

Love is the creative essence out of which all inspiration flows.

Love is the key and the doorway to Joy and Bliss.

Love moves through all aspects of our lives, it is the source of desire for any relationship, including the relationship with ourselves. At a deeper level, love connects us to the movement and flow of the Universe, it connects us to Ecstasy.

The word ecstasy which comes from the Greek word ekstasis means to “stand or step outside of”… to go beyond our constricted selves and connect with unity.

When we experience the state of ecstasy we go beyond our individual ego and we step into the unknown, the place of infinite possibilities, and intimately find union with the whole flow of life, this is the essence of love.

The question is, how do we experience ecstasy, which is our most natural and primal desire, and connect with universal love?

It all sounds so mystical and esoteric, so why would we want to, even if we could?

In answering the second question first; part of the answer comes from within our hearts, because it the hearts way of reaching into the unknown (ecstasy).

However, the most compelling reason lies in the fact that personal love is the concentration of universal love and in accessing universal love we access the source of all inspiration and true happiness.

In practical terms it means that we relate to all our relationships from that lofty vantage point, coloring all our perceptions making for a much happier life.

How do we experience universal love? The answer lies in getting in touch with the deepest part of ourselves, the essence our being…the field of pure unbounded consciousness and opening up our heart.

This is another “big” subject and deserves more than I can offer here.

However, the process of getting to know who you are begins with the single question I posed in earlier in this writing… “Who am I?”

The knowledge and practices to help answer that question is the passion and purpose of this Blog.

Once you know your true self, you will know the source of true inspiration.

Inspiration lives in the realm of spirit. When you find inspiration you find your soul and in finding your soul you discover the source of lasting happiness. This is happiness without a reason; this is true bliss that will be with you wherever you go. Back…


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