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Is Happiness Supernatural – Deepak Chopra

Is Happiness Supernatural - Deepak ChopraIf you are a “skeptic” or think of yourself as having a strictly “scientific approach” questions like, “What does the supernatural have to do with the happiness?” or ” Is the Law of Attraction a real force in nature?” are probably going to leave you pretty cold.

In fact if you’re a skeptic, you would most likely, answer “everything and nothing.”  

First, skeptics will tell you that they don’t believe in the supernatural or paranormal. If it isn’t measurable then it isn’t real. Of course that’s denying all of the human emotions like love, compassion or happiness. Of course, you can measure the effects of these emotions and even the most militant of skeptics wouldn’t deny happiness.

And those who understand the Law of Attraction would also claim that you could measure it’s affect. In the second place, because the skeptic doesn’t believe in the supernatural the idea of a “law of Attraction” would seem to them equally implausible and view happiness as an accident or side-effect of biology.   

Is the supernatural real? For now,the answer it seems will depend on your perception.

Those who experience the principles of the Law of Attraction, would say there’s nothing supernatural about it, in fact I think that most would describe LOA as a “natural law,” like the law of gravity (a reference that drives skeptics wild).

However, like our Soul, the Law of Attraction is not visible, and while there is a cause and effect relationship, it is not one that’s measurable in the classical sense.

It’s the mystery of the supernatural and metaphysical which Deepak takes on, in this particular video, in the “Rabbit Hole” series.

“The mystery is somewhat solved once we realize that we’re not in the body but that the body is in us.” Deepak Chopra

In order to understand the supernatural, Deepak explains, we need to have an understanding of how we experience the natural world.

Deepak explains that our Soul or Spirit experiences itself as the observer in space-time while all information is contained in the non-local (outside of space-time) which is everywhere all at once, or the “domain where everything is instantly connected and correlated;” in language of the Law of Attraction this non-locality is referred to as “Source Energy.”

In less complicated language everything we experience, we experience in consciousness (which is what in wisdom traditions is thought of as our Spirit or Soul), in other words, what we experience as “reality” is a projection of our consciousness.     

Again to quote Deepak, “If you find yourself (becoming awakened or connected to Source Energy) you won’t make a distinction between the normal and the paranormal; because all that exist is conceived, constructed, created and comes into manifestation in your own being.”

As the worlds of Science and Spirit circle each other moving ever closer, this scientific, left brained, explanation of the Law of Attraction and consciousness is a beautiful attempt to inspire a meaningful and evolutionary dialogue.

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