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Living in the Dream State

Living In The Dream State The Vedic sages understood dreaming, appropriately known as the “dream state,” to be the second level of consciousness.

 They also believed, that what we think of as the waking state, to be a dream state as well, considering it to be the third level of consciousness. According to these wisdom teachers, until we wake up form this third level of consciousness  (the “waking state”) what we’re experiencing we believe to be reality.

In the same way we consider our dream state to be completely real, that is, until we awake up, and then we think to ourselves, “oh, that was just a dream.”

The real paradox is that the material reality, which seems so real to us, is according to all the wisdom traditions, unreal, an illusion. On the other hand the ethereal (non-local in scientific terms) which has no mass and, in fact, can’t even be located in space-time, is the real reality. Why? because it is the “ground” state – meaning it is the place from which all “material” reality arises from.

The challenge for us is that until we are able to connect with the deeper non-physical self, because it is the ground state of our reality, we won’t experience unconditioned happiness or love, they will be transitory (unreal).

This paradox is at the heart of the debate between spirituality and science, which as we all know, has been growing contentious over the last few years.

Of course for Abraham there is no debate ( as well, I suspect, from the radical materialist, but for a completely opposing reason – they don’t believe in Abraham).

“Well from our (Abraham) perspective you are dreaming this (material reality)… the reality that is real…is the broader non-physical part of you.” Abraham

Abraham tells us that the only reason we believe this reality be so real is because we have “vibrational interpreters,” that is, our five senses, taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight.

The problem for scientific materialist is that in all the firestorm of electrochemical activity that takes place in the brain nowhere are there patterns or pictures of trees, faces, not even the color red. This is called the “hard” problem in study of consciousness.

This is a problem for militant materialism, because there is no way to prove the existence of an objective outside world.

This was not a problem for the sages because they understood that reality’s created and experienced in consciousness. The “awakened ones” saw it this way, “You are not in the world; the world is in you.”

Getting a clear understanding of this concept can be challenging and for that reason, Abraham, seeking to put our minds at ease said, “We don’t want you to ever worry about the “realness” of that which is here.” In other words it’s OK to accept the reality you’re experiencing.   

Like driving a car, it may be fun for some to know how the mechanics work, but won’t keep you from driving the car if you don’t. You just need to know how to drive it. Which in spiritual terms means that when you know that your reality is created, or arises, from within (moving from pure Consciousness or intuition through thought) and through the process of attention and intention (energy and information) becomes (you attract) your (materiel) reality.  

The good news is, because you have the ability “to driver the car,” you have the ability to experience true happiness and love. 

 Enjoy and share your thoughts.

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