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Manifesting Exceptional Happiness

Two different articles were posted at Huffington this week.

Manifesting Exceptional HappinessThe first, “10 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People” by Sharon Kiser, answers the question, “Why do some people enjoy more health and happiness than others?” It seems some are able to manifest their dreams quicker and inhabit a sustained sense of well-being and happiness. They are the optimist among us, moving with a sense of grace, ease and confidence.

According to Sharon, we too, can be one of “those” people!

How? She offers 10 habits of “Exceptionally Happy People.” I’ll share a few here, though not necessarily in the order she listed them:

1. Are insanely grateful: Super happy people will turn off the TV and opt for a nature hike. Playing with the world is a daily practice for happy people. They see beauty in the small, everyday things around them and appreciate all of the natural wonders of earth.

2. Are extremely generous, but know they must tend their own needs first:

Happy people are usually comfortable and financially secure. This happens because they have realized the value of giving to others without having expectations of getting anything in return. Happy people make sure their basic needs are met because they understand that when they are healthy and secure, they can fully be there for others, and that serving others actually brings them the most joy and even greater rewards.

3. Venture out of their comfort zone and seek risk often

Happy people have learned that settling in any area of life will hold them back, so they opt for adventure and satisfaction through seeking new experiences. They see risk as growth and are happier because they live a life with no regrets.

4. Realize there is more to life than being happy

Happy people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about happiness. They live in the moment and enjoy the ups and downs of life. Happy people still experience setbacks, but they look at those setbacks as a way to learn more about themselves and to grow. Happiness is not something they seek, as it is a daily practice that never leaves them.

Discover the other six here:

Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams  The second post by Margaret Paul, Ph.D. entitled, “Are You Manifesting Your Dreams?” on the surface appears to have a different theme but as you read the “Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams” you begin the “feel” a sense of familiarity.

The secrets of manifesting are secrets that are “inhabited” by those who are considered exceptionally happy people.

Margaret Paul, noting that most of us have heard about the law of attraction, opens with a question that goes straight to the point, “Is there a secret to manifestation?” She offers up five different “secrets” to manifesting your dreams.

In this the short version they are:

1. Know What You Want

2. Have Faith

3. Detach Your Happiness and Self-Worth from the Outcome

4. Maintain Connection and Take Responsibility for Your Feelings

5. Make Effort — Take Loving Action

 See the full article here:

Actually it’s not surprising that the “10 habits” are so closely related to the five secrets. Take, for example the fifth secret, making an effort and taking loving action and the number three habit above, Venturing out of the comfort zone and seeking risk often. They are both about “doing,” that is, taking action in a conscious, loving way while staying connected to your passion, not settling and instead looking to expand and grow, living life without regrets because they are living their passion.

The “secrets” and “habits” complement each other and together create a blue print for success and manifesting exceptional happiness.

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