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Meditation For Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

Meditation For Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

We all have moment when we feel good, when we’re happy, but they don’t last long, at least not as long as we would like.  The challenge is in sustaining those feelings and letting them carry us through our day.

One of the most effective strategies to maintain happiness and increase long-term happiness is with intentional activities.  

Why is it powerful?

Positive affirmation can be one of those activities and when you combine positive affirmations with meditation you increase your power to boost you over all wellbeing. 

To help you on your happiness quest I wanted to share this nice little affirmation meditation on creating and maintaining positive thoughts. 

This is deceptively powerful because Positive affirmations are a way you can affirm your Positive beliefs about  life and yourself.  

A positive  affirmations help you to replace negative, limiting beliefs that have become a part of your programming.

Go ahead, start replacing those negative beliefs which are no longer serving you, and enjoy the meditation.

From a purely scientific perspective the process of practicing Positive affirmations works because it allows you to reprogram the reticular activating system of your brain. (check out the video if you aren’t familiar with the reticular activating system.) 

this is the process that brings greater awareness to those things you desire and want to attract into your life, like the  people, financial abundance and all the resources you need to create what you desire.

The thing you desire are always surrounding  you but your brain filters them out. Positive affirmations are a way to change the filter and allow your awareness to expand.


Positive affirmation meditation is a wonderful tool and especially powerful when combined with other happiness practices such as a gratitude meditation that activates happiness and the Law of Attraction…and they’re fun to share!   

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