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On the Path to Abundance and Happiness

On the Trail of Abundance and HappinessHappiness is the goal of all goals and the true purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. For a long time people have assumed and lived as if happiness was the by-product of material wealth, good health or good relationships, in other words…success.

However, we now know that’s a mistaken belief, it’s the other way around; loving relationships, good health and true wealth are the by-products of happiness.

Even with a personal definition of happiness and an understanding that it’s the key to achieving real abundance; we still need to know how we define abundance…a definition which is just as personal.

Defining Abundance and Prosperity

When we think of being abundant, or being prosperous, most of the time we are thinking of money. In the larger sense, however, abundance refers to all the material resources, such as, food, physical well-being (good health), a roof over our heads…and yes of course, money, to purchase all of what we need and much of what we desire.

Ultimately, defining abundance and prosperity varies from individual to individual; we each have different material needs and desires. For example, the needs of a Catholic Nun are going to be much different than those of a Hollywood realtor. But all of us have some material needs, even Catholic Nuns.

How can you define abundance for yourself?

Here are some questions that will help you discover your definition:

What does abundance look and feel like to you?

What level of abundance, passion and joy, do you envision your best life to be on?

Does it include a particular career or type of employment – or are you seeking start your own business?

What kind of lifestyle and environment are you envisioning?

Does this vision include family members and friends?

It’s important to allow your imagination to run free. Include as many different areas and aspects of your life as possible – material, financial, professional, personal, social, family, global, and spiritual – so that you can experience the feeling of abundance as much as the vision.

Moving Beyond the Definition

Having a personal definition of abundance is important – it is your definition, your belief and your desires which inform every decision (often unconsciously) that you make.

Having a clear vision of what makes up abundant life increases your personal power. Why? Because now you have a vision of what you want; allowing you to move more quickly in the direction of what you desire.

Most of us have unconsciously developed the habit of being indecisive, or of procrastinating, all the while endlessly debating a subject in our heads; we are inundated with a whole host of “shoulds” and “should not’s” making us feel so tentative, that we forget what it feels like to make a real decision, to be committed so passionately to something…we forget what the power of doing so wields.

Having a clear vision, a personal definition of abundance, gives us the confidence to move forward without fear.

Being on the happiness trail a clear personal definition of abundance is a powerful first step.

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