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Positive Thinking Affirmations and Your Brain – Louise Hay

Your Brain On Positive Thinking – Louise Hay“The brain is the computer of the body, blood is Joy, the veins and arteries are channels of Joy. Everything works under the law and action of Love.”

“Negative thinking clogs up the brain.” Louise Hay

Positive affirmations are effective because  they can help you focus on what really matters. People often measure the value of their lives based on material or “objective” criteria.

For example, the size of the house, the flash of the car, the number of awards received or who has the most stuff. let me be clear I don’t believe there’s anything inherently wrong with having or accomplishing “stuff.” It’s just that scientific research, spiritual wisdom and your own intuitive awareness informs you that more is not always better.

The challenge is in sustaining your happiness over the long term and not succumbing to the short term high you get from the “happiness hits” of “having” and “doing.”

In life good and bad things happen to everybody. What wisdom teachers, like Louis Hay, teach is that you have a choice; and what you choose to focus on will determine how happy you are. Choosing to view life from a positive perspective doesn’t mean detaching from reality or ignoring the challenges of everyday life. No, it is a choice in perspective, and not ignoring the positive, which is an equal part of “reality,” is the better way to go.

I discovered that one of my problems was that, sure, intellectually I understood it, but I always seemed to be putting my energy on the negative, worrying about the future or feeling guilty about things that happened in the past.

What I’ve come to realize (the experience beyond the intellect) was my ego – the ego is always looking to be offended. What I needed to find was a way to  get out of my ego mind, “reprogram” my subconscious and focus on the positive NOW.

This is where positive thinking with leads to positive emotions (happiness) comes in.

Positive affirmations are powerful when used as a  as a means to connect with your authentic-self , evolve your personal power and create your own reality.

The great yogi’s teach that Infinite flexibility is the key to Infinite Creativity. Louise Hay in this video explains it this way, “Stiffness in the body represents stiffness in the mind.”



“In the Infinity of life where I AM, all is Perfect, Whole, and Complete.”

“Truth is the unchangeable part of me.”   Louise Hay

I believe that everyone has the power to make their own reality. I fact it’s my belief that, even while the circumstances of life may, at times, make you feel as if it has conspired against you, in every situation there is a choice.

Robert Holden states it brilliantly saying, “the world cannot take way your right to happiness or sadness. It may often appear to be trying very hard to take this choice way, but truly it cannot.”

Practicing positive affirmations is a “tool” which helps you restore your personal power by creating the space to rediscover that you have the ability to choose.

Your thoughts and words create your future experiences; use Louise’s affirmations or positive thoughts to create the realty you desire and find true happiness.


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