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Rumi’s Gift of Love


Rumi’s Gift of LoveThere is no experience that brings more happiness than falling in love.

When we fall in love, becoming the lover, we are consumed by a growing and greater love for all, basking in its radiant joy.

No one’s expressed this more beautifully than the sublime Persian poet Rumi.

Rumi was one of the privileged few for whom love never seemed to fade.  His beloved was the mystery, the mystery of life. He saw God everywhere and in all things, allowing himself to be engulfed divine rapture.

Rumi understood the dance of life.

“By God, when you see your beauty you will be the idol of yourself.” Rumi


The album  “a gift of love,” presented by Deepak Chopra and friends was inspired by the love poems of Rumi. 

The  poems of Rumi come from the awakened heart. They allow us to transcend our daily experience as they simultaneously move us through our earthly realms drawing us into the flow of the divine. Deepak describes his own experience as he discovered the sacred world being expressed and its affects on him;

“I began to understand the meaning  and effect of onomatopoeia, where the sound echoes the sense and where just the recitation of songs, ballads and poems can lift you out of everyday existence, transporting you to a higher states of awareness.”

The music and poetry will transport you, you have but to give yourself permission to go!



In the middle of the thirteenth century in a Konya, Turkey, a city at the crossroad s of the middle east, Rumi fell in love. His love altered the course of his life and influenced the mystical evolution of our planet.

Rumi was the inspiration for the spiritual sect known here in the west as “whirling dervishes,” who imitate his ecstatic dancing.  he composed thousands of poems, spontaneously by in large. His work spun out short poems, aphorisms and epic poetry, but its his words on love and ecstasy that draw me to him.

Rumi’s poetry is the joining of the mortal and immortal forces of love and happiness.

“The exhilaration of falling in love is an escape from the ego – its selfishness and its sense of threat. Ego and love are incompatible.  Love takes you on a journey into the unknown and uncertainty. The ego craves certainty. The ego’s certainty is an illusion; uncertainty is the basis of life.” Deepak Chopra  


To experience the poetry of Rumi is to experience the presence of the Divine within, to experience the God and Goddess that you are.

I would recommend this as a companion to the CD because Deepak presents you with five great writers whose lives span seven centuries: Rumi, the sublime Persian poet who sang out his verses in ecstatic longing for God.

Mirabai, an Indian princess who walked away from her life of privilege to be closer to her Dark Lord. Kabir, born to a lowly family of weavers in India, only to rise to the heights of wisdom and song.

Hafiz, an Islamic master who reveled in the joys of the flesh as a way to the soul. And Tagore, the celebrated modern Indian writer who first made the West aware of the richness of Eastern devotional poetry.

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