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Inspired by Happiness Quotes

Inspired by Happiness Quotes

“Focus on the Good stuff; It’s what attracts more of it into your life.”                                                                                                                                                             ~ Abraham-Hicks ~ Read More »

Allow more Limit-less Quieting the Mind

Allow more Limit-less Quieting the Mind

There’s a saying that my friends use which goes, “allow more limit-less.” That aphorism pretty much sums up Abraham’s message in this video.  Law of Attraction is about having your life be bigger, as Abraham  says, “It’s about allowing your life to be as big as you’ve already made it.” And yes, it’s true that we attract according to the level of our own vibration and that are our thoughts, words and feelings are extremely magnetic. But it goes deeper, our most powerful point of attraction is our belief system. It’s our belief system that allows more or limits-us. In order to ... Read More »

Living in the Dream State

Living In The Dream State

The Vedic sages understood dreaming, appropriately known as the “dream state,” to be the second level of consciousness.  They also believed, that what we think of as the waking state, to be a dream state as well, considering it to be the third level of consciousness. According to these wisdom teachers, until we wake up form this third level of consciousness  (the “waking state”) what we’re experiencing we believe to be reality. In the same way we consider our dream state to be completely real, that is, until we awake up, and then we think to ourselves, “oh, that was just a dream.” The ... Read More »

Finding the Flow is the Happiness Experience

Finding The Flow Is The Happiness Experience

“Once you start tending to your vibration you are going to discover a leverage (the flow)…that what you want is in the process of becoming.” Abraham For most of us living in the future or thinking about something that happened to us awhile ago, are the two most occupied places in our minds. While we are doing our jobs, we think about vacation or playing at the beach, then when we get to the beach, we fantasize about a nice dinner out (or sex, depending on your gender) and then sitting down to dinner our minds wonder off and back ... Read More »

Communicating with Your Inner Being Naturally

Communicating With Your Inner Being Naturally

“When you meditate you quite thought, and when you quiet thought or stop thought you release resistance… Once you quite your mind you stop resistance and once you stop resistance you come into alignment with who you really are.”  Abraham Self-realization is being connected to the universal-self, it is the unconditioned-self, “who you really are.” The universal-self in found in the words of the “Heart Sutra”,  Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love or are described as Love, Joy and Wholeness (the root for the word holiness). Self-realization has been described through history variously as enlightenment, the “original face” in Zen, the “uncarved block” ... Read More »

Abraham’s Thoughts on Being Authentic

Abraham – Being Authentic

“Be who you are…because your authentic-self is in the Vortex thriving, and if you are experiencing even a small particle of negative emotion, you are less than authentic because you have pinched yourself of from the true authenticity of who you really are.” Abraham   How do we know when we are truly expressing our authentic self?     Abraham’s answer is when, “you feel fabulous in the moment.” Most of our time is spent looking out into the world, self-knowledge and awareness are surpassed by our need for social approval and acknowledgment; in other words our need for approval and acceptance tempers ... Read More »

Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude

Abraham – Exuberant Wellbeing and Gratitude

“Where you’ve been is irrelevant…the only thing that is relevant is where you are and where you are going…and where you are is only relevant as a starting place to where you are going.” Abraham One of the worlds most well known writer and researcher about gratitude is Robert Emmons, and he described it this way, “(Gratitude is) a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for life.” A definition that fits Abraham’s “Exuberant Wellbeing” to a tee. Applying the concept of “Exuberant Wellbeing,” along with a continued practice of gratitude and appreciation, become powerful tools of transformation – tools that you ... Read More »

Abraham – Rampage of Appreciation and Gratitude

Rampage Of Appreciation And Gratitude

    The expression of gratitude is one of the most powerful strategy’s for achieving happiness. Gratitude is many things to many people. Its appreciation, it is wonder; it’s finding the silver lining in any set back; it is thanking someone in your life; it’s thanking Source. Gratitude is an antidote to negative emotions; it negates worry, hostility, irritation and envy.   We are going to offer a…Rampage of Appreciation that will as you hear it…will hold you, at least for the time of your focus, in a place of allowing…” Abraham   And the quote, from Abraham, pretty much ... Read More »

A Rampage of Happiness

A Rampage of Happiness

“There’s happiness right here right now if you are in the right vibration.” Abraham This wonderful remix of Abraham’s (through Esther) rampage of happiness offers us the key to connecting to our inherent source of joy, by being in alignment, and then becomes the key itself. Savoring the deliciously wonderful vibration that is offered the experiencer becomes the experience; happiness. When you consciously create a happiness habit then happiness will be who you are. “Life isn’t happening to me – life is happening fromme.” The great Seers and Saints wake up and greet their day consciously intend how there day ... Read More »