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Is Your Thinking Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Is Your Thinking Sabotaging Your Happiness

Your subconscious thinking can sabotage your happiness without your even realizing it. Here’s the top ten saboteurs that could be keeping you from living your best life ever! 1. Worrying about the future and not being grateful for all that you’ve already accomplished. This is a recipe for emotional disaster and dramatically increases your chances of losing on your dreams. Focusing on the things you have accomplished so far—the weight you lost, the experiences you’ve had or the money you made—you’ll have a broader perspective, a larger world view of where you are now and you won’t feel so powerless when looking ... Read More »

Two Types of Happiness Revisited

Two Types of Happiness

When I decided to begin my exploration of happiness I quickly began to realize that the word had hundreds, if not thousands, of definitions. Most of them tied to an emotion. I don’t know, maybe it just seems that way to me, because it’s what the word happiness has evoked in me. The First Type of Happiness In her article, “A History of Happiness,” Meghan Keener, a positive psychology major from the University of Pennsylvania, shared her research on “a definition of happiness.” She found that, “Happiness” is a word with a thousand definitions. When most people today use the ... Read More »