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You’ll Never Be Happy Trying – Part 2

You’ll Never Be Happy Trying - Part 2

There are many myths that surround happiness. While trying to find happiness seems like a normal pursuit, modern psychology isn’t so sure. According to the prevailing theory, we have accidental bouts of happiness that come and go beyond our control. Further complicating the search for happiness is that there are many myths surrounding it. One thing that positive psychology as shown us is that happiness is an emotion, and when it comes to any emotion we can’t “get” or “have” them. Instead we are them, or we are being them. In the previous post I addressed one of the biggest ... Read More »

You’ll Never Be Happy Trying

Happiness-You’ll Never Be Happy Trying

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try!” ~Yoda~ If you are trying to be happy, you will never be happy. Yoda was right. One of the problems standing in the way of our happiness is that we are trying too hard. When it comes to our emotions, which includes happiness, we cannot “get” or “have” them, they are within us, they are something we are. We are being happy, we are being ticked off. We aren’t doing anger, we’re angry. If you’re screaming at the guy that cut you off in traffic you’re not thinking to yourself, “Great, now ... Read More »

Getting in the Zone – the Happiness Zone

Getting in the Zone – the Happiness Zone

Remember the show the Twilight Zone? A 1960’s sci-fi program where all sorts of weirdness happened. I have those occasional days when I feel as if life more closely resembles the TV show that it does than what real life is supposed to feel like. It’s at times like these that I become acutely aware that there’s a sub-surface tension, anxiety stewing just below my emotional field. Part of the human experience is dealing with negative emotions which inevitably arise because they are evolutionarily wired-in. They are a conditioned response: and these “bad boys” rob and steal. They steal joy, ... Read More »