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Is Happiness Supernatural – Deepak Chopra

Is Happiness Supernatural - Deepak Chopra

If you are a “skeptic” or think of yourself as having a strictly “scientific approach” questions like, “What does the supernatural have to do with the happiness?” or ” Is the Law of Attraction a real force in nature?” are probably going to leave you pretty cold. In fact if you’re a skeptic, you would most likely, answer “everything and nothing.”   First, skeptics will tell you that they don’t believe in the supernatural or paranormal. If it isn’t measurable then it isn’t real. Of course that’s denying all of the human emotions like love, compassion or happiness. Of course, ... Read More »

Deepak Chopra – How Gratitude Creates Abundance

Deepak Chopra – How Gratitude Creates Abundance

“When you focus on the things that you are grateful for then it opens you to the Source of all those things that came into your life that for which you are grateful.” Deepak Chopra According to Robert Emmons that if we put aside a minute of two every day to express gratitude for our lives it as far-reaching and positive consequences. research showed that, when compared to a control group, those who had a regular gratitude practice, not only appreciated life more, but had measurably higher levels of wellbeing, greater health, experienced more positive emotions, and they were happier ... Read More »