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Manifesting Exceptional Happiness

Manifesting Your Dreams

Two different articles were posted at Huffington this week. The first, “10 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People” by Sharon Kiser, answers the question, “Why do some people enjoy more health and happiness than others?” It seems some are able to manifest their dreams quicker and inhabit a sustained sense of well-being and happiness. They are the optimist among us, moving with a sense of grace, ease and confidence. According to Sharon, we too, can be one of “those” people! How? She offers 10 habits of “Exceptionally Happy People.” I’ll share a few here, though not necessarily in the order she ... Read More »

Happiness Habits

Happiness Habits

Did you know that happiness, just like waking up early, brushing your teeth or jogging is a habit? Happiness habits are habits that you create, develop and sustain. Yes, it’s true. Happiness can be a practice. Happiness is a skill that you can teach yourself, allowing you to increase happiness in all areas of your life. The challenge is how to teach yourself to make happiness a habit rather than be reliant on the seemingly random occurrence of the universe. Actually the process is simple. As you develop these happiness habits, you will begin living your life to the fullest ... Read More »