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Is Your Thinking Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Is Your Thinking Sabotaging Your Happiness

Your subconscious thinking can sabotage your happiness without your even realizing it. Here’s the top ten saboteurs that could be keeping you from living your best life ever! 1. Worrying about the future and not being grateful for all that you’ve already accomplished. This is a recipe for emotional disaster and dramatically increases your chances of losing on your dreams. Focusing on the things you have accomplished so far—the weight you lost, the experiences you’ve had or the money you made—you’ll have a broader perspective, a larger world view of where you are now and you won’t feel so powerless when looking ... Read More »

When Negative Thinking Becomes Positive

When Negative Thinking Becomes Positive

Pessimistic Positivity – The Myths of Happiness Revealed   Is it possible to be happy all the time? In truth, the answer to the question depends on your definition of happiness. Martin Seligman, a leader in the positive psychology movement, has a real dislike for the word “happiness” because, as he notes, to the modern ear, “happy” means “buoyant mood, merriment, good cheer, and smiling.” The problem isn’t with any of these attributes arising as part of the natural course of life. But this type of hedonistic experience isn’t what the word “happiness” has met historically. Thomas Jefferson’s declaration that ... Read More »

Happier Workers are Older Workers

Happier Workers are Older Workers

If you want a happier work place hire older workers. The stereotype of the grouchy curmudgeon is a false stereotype according to a new study. The saying that something’s get better with age like wine, it seems holds true for happiness in the work place. According to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research 90% of employees over age 50 describe themselves as “somewhat or very satisfied” with the work they do. The older workers hold these feeling regardless of gender, race, education, political views, and income level. What may be surprising to some is that the older workers ... Read More »

Manifesting Exceptional Happiness

Manifesting Your Dreams

Two different articles were posted at Huffington this week. The first, “10 Habits of Exceptionally Happy People” by Sharon Kiser, answers the question, “Why do some people enjoy more health and happiness than others?” It seems some are able to manifest their dreams quicker and inhabit a sustained sense of well-being and happiness. They are the optimist among us, moving with a sense of grace, ease and confidence. According to Sharon, we too, can be one of “those” people! How? She offers 10 habits of “Exceptionally Happy People.” I’ll share a few here, though not necessarily in the order she ... Read More »

You’ll Never Be Happy Trying – Part 2

You’ll Never Be Happy Trying - Part 2

There are many myths that surround happiness. While trying to find happiness seems like a normal pursuit, modern psychology isn’t so sure. According to the prevailing theory, we have accidental bouts of happiness that come and go beyond our control. Further complicating the search for happiness is that there are many myths surrounding it. One thing that positive psychology as shown us is that happiness is an emotion, and when it comes to any emotion we can’t “get” or “have” them. Instead we are them, or we are being them. In the previous post I addressed one of the biggest ... Read More »

You’ll Never Be Happy Trying

Happiness-You’ll Never Be Happy Trying

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try!” ~Yoda~ If you are trying to be happy, you will never be happy. Yoda was right. One of the problems standing in the way of our happiness is that we are trying too hard. When it comes to our emotions, which includes happiness, we cannot “get” or “have” them, they are within us, they are something we are. We are being happy, we are being ticked off. We aren’t doing anger, we’re angry. If you’re screaming at the guy that cut you off in traffic you’re not thinking to yourself, “Great, now ... Read More »

Does Being Hardier make you Happier?

Does Being Hardier make you Happier?

When I hear the word hardy, and happiness is not the first emotion that comes to mind. Strong, yes. Substantial, sure. But happy; not really. How were these two words put together? It was Dr. Tom Muha, a positive psychologist, who asked, what is potentially a disturbing, question, which is, “Are you prematurely dead? Again you might be wondering what does that question have to do with hardiness and happiness?don’t worry it’ll come together in a minute. I’d said “a potentially a disturbing question” because we all have that inner critic called our ego and it’s always quick to answer ... Read More »

The 5 Secrets to Happiness-Wisdom from the Happiest Man Alive

Your Happy Place for Good News-The Happiest Man Alive

Your Happy Place for Good News Matthieu Ricard, the French-Tibetan monk and molecular geneticist has been called the happiest man on earth. Richard has joined with other monks and longtime meditators in the research on the effects of meditation and mind-training on the brain. Additionally, this research has been done in conjunction with beginning meditators who committed to as little as 30 minutes a day. In studies regular meditation produces changes in the structure and function of the meditators brain. For those in the field of neuroplasticity this is an encouraging finding. What makes Matthieu Ricard’s case so “remarkable is ... Read More »

Abraham-Be Happy to Get Happy

Abraham-Be Happy to Get Happy

“Happiness is being in that place where you’re the receiver of the right idea at the right time. Happiness is being in that place where something occurs to you at the most opportune moment.”                                                               ~Abraham- Hicks ~  Happiness is being in alignment, which is to be in control of your own thoughts. Being in control of your thoughts doesn’t mean actually controlling every thought that arises in your head. That’s ... Read More »

Three Blessings – A Practice for Happiness

Three Blessings Practice for Happiness

“Do you have a WAIT problem? Are you waiting to be happy?”                                                                                                             ~Dr. Robert Holden~ The goal of “Laughter Happiness and Bliss” is to provide tools and practices that will help you unlock the secrets to lasting happiness. This particular practice is called the “Three Blessings” ... Read More »